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APP-3 concept art 1.jpg
Concept art
Manufacturer Aser-Tellinger Industries
Projectile .45 (semi/burst), 18-round clip
Weight 18.2 oz. (516 g)
Licensed production by 26 manufacturers, world-wide, makes this the standard sidearm for private security agencies across the globe. It's safe, reliable and very easy to use tanks to the 'RapidFire®' action trigger system. The .45 bullets are easy to manufacture and readily available in abundance.
In reference to its popularity, an independent survey stated that the APP-3 handguns were used in more than 47 percent of urban shooting in America, 2065.
The secondary fire burst mode allows an even greater rate of fire, although with its limited recoil dampening, the APP-3 suffers from significant climb when fired this way.
—Infobank description, Syndicate

The APP-3 is a pistol in Syndicate. It was designed by Takashi Defense Systems, Inc. and is a small, lightweight handgun with an eighteen .45 calibre cartridge magazine capacity (26 when upgraded). It is safe, reliable and very easy to use thanks to the Quick Fire Action trigger system, and has become the standard sidearm for private security companies across the world. It can fire in both semiautomatic and a three-round burst (when upgraded).


  • Magazine Extension, increases number of rounds in a clip - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Gyrostabilized Compensator, reduces the scatter of the APP-3 - Research Token icon.png ?
  • .45 HSC Ammo, increases the damage done - Research Token icon.png ?
  • APP-3S, enables Burst Secondary Fire - Research Token icon.png ?


Pre-release screenshot

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