Body Matters

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Body Matters
Location Hong Kong
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Sack of Rome
Next mission Head Hunt

Body Matters is the first part of the eighth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Hong Kong.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix: neutralise rogue agents.

Return to base for further instructions.

Felicitations, [Player].

The following message was intercepted by netscan at 06:55 yesterday. London AI has just decrypted it.

Message Type: Encoded Transcript
Priority: High
FROM: Control
TO: All Field Executives
Message begins:
Agents purporting to represent EuroCorp have carried out covert operations in sectors of interest to us.
Reconnaissance of these areas is desired. Agents should include assessments of their new mods in their reports.
Message ends.

It is evident from this message that our activities have been monitored by rogue agents with access to cyber-technology. Some of this technology may be more advanced than our own - we do not know what development resources this group has at its disposal.

The message has been traced to destinations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix. Deploy a team of cyborgs to track down and neutralise all unauthorised agents. Our resident AI is now modifying these cities' surveillance systems to detect agents equipped with advanced cybernetic enhancements. Seek out these agents. They must be persuaded to join us or be exterminated.




There are ten agents in this mission. Four of them are right next to the IML and will attack you straight away, but it is possible to persuade them if you quickly run through the city persuading others until you have enough power to turn back. The fifth agent is the mission objective and must be persuaded (wrong). After you have persuaded him the final five will get out of their truck and attack you on your way to the evacuation point.

The Mission

Need: 3xLR Rifle, 1xPersuadertron

Don't move or do anything.

Observe the map: Across the street from your start location are four enemy agents with Miniguns and will attack if you move outside the fence. Around the familiar cityscape are enemy guards with Pulse Lasers and Miniguns, Police are armed with Miniguns. A parked yellow car with four guards nearby with Miniguns and Pulse Lasers. A Zealot compound with ten Zealots armed with Electron Mace and auto-deploying Knockout Gas. A police car cruising nearby the Zealots, a Bullfrog truck with enemy agents and grey car with guards. An island with a lone enemy agent which you can either kill or persuade which triggers a Satellite Rain.

Breathing space: Equip the LR Rifles acquired from previous missions and walk out onto the road. Snipe the enemy agents as they rush you. Take the weapons.

Clear out: Walk around the city slowly killing all guards and Police but ignore the Zealots. Destroy the grey car and also the Bullfrog truck. Take four Pulse Lasers.

Zealot compound: Approach the compound from nearby the yellow parked car and kill off the patrolling Zealots from long range. Once they rush, just walk away back to the yellow car and keep your distance from each Zealot as you snipe them. Don't run. Use minigun on closer ones. Destroy the police car also, but be careful of the Knockout Gas which fires when you approach the Zealot building.

Lone agent: Persuade a large mass of civilians and then drive a lone agent to the small island and let him shoot the car with the Pulse Laser. Eventually the agent's energy will deplete and then you may exit the vehicle and grab him. Run to the corner furthest from the bridge and wait for the Satellite Rain to finish. Take the flying ambulance and return to your agents, pick them up and fly back to the evacuation point. Alot of civilians die on the island and possibly the new agent. Removing drug influence from your persuading agent make the brainwashed subject stand closer.

End Mission: nothing remarkable just make sure to pick up anything you could carry to sell back at base.

Alternatives: You can kill the mission objective instead. You can quickly drive off the island instead of risking it with the Satellite Rain. The Bullfrog truck will stop near the evac point and 5 enemy agents will form a defensive line to stop you leaving if you don't destroy it beforehand.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 1xAgent (1xPulse Laser, Body Level 1, Head Level 1, Arms Level 2, Legs Level 1)

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