Cerberus IFF

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Cerberus IFF
Syndicate Wars
Cerberus IFF.png
Armoury shot
Cost 65,000
Weapon power 5/8
Range 5/8
Energy cons. 5/8
This electronic guardian can make a big difference to your agents' defensive actions and attacks. Positioned in an appropriate area and armed with a pulse laser, it takes on sentry duty and will open fire on any unsuspecting hostile target that comes in range until it exhausts its power pack or is destroyed.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars
A sentry drone upon which a high-powered laser is fitted. A thermo-motion detector built into the base is connected to an identkey reader, and any non-recognised movement it picks up is fired upon. These sentry units are most effective in open areas with a wide field of view.
Church of the New Epoch armoury description, Syndicate Wars

The Cerberus IFF is equipment in Syndicate Wars. A deployable sentry gun armed with a Pulse Laser.

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