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Syndicate Wars
Cost 120,000
Weapon power 0/8
Range 2/8
Energy cons. 3/8
In one of the Nine's most esoteric breakthroughs, they have learned how to unlock the electrochemical forces still locked away in the bodies of terminated organisms. The understanding of these mechanisms we now have gives us complete power over them. The Chromotap is based on this technology. It extracts energy from organic matter at the cellular level and transfers it to the device's controller. The Chromotap is especially useful for recharging agents after a firefight, as it can still utilise the cellular energy of casualties.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars
Our scientists have unravelled more of the arcane secrets of the Codex and built a device which will export the natural electrochemical forces contained within the cells of any organic structure which has recently died. This saps the residual cellular energy of the corpse, as long as its cellular structure has not been destroyed. Praise the Nine for their vision, Acolyte.
Church of the New Epoch armoury description, Syndicate Wars

The Chromotap is equipment in Syndicate Wars. It absorbs energy from both living and dead targets, recharging the user.

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