Clean Sweep

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Clean Sweep
Location Urals
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission Raiders
Next mission Scum Patrol
Snatch and Grab
Spring Cleaning

Clean Sweep is the fifth mission in Syndicate, and takes place in the Urals.


Clean Sweep.

Combat sweep.

An enemy syndicate has been experiencing problems with the population of a nearby city. This is mainly due to subversive techniques from our espionage department.

As a result of this the enemy syndicate has pulled out most of its forces from the surrounding area and the city has fallen open for us to take.

Your squad is to conduct a reconnaissance sweep of the area to clear out any enemy syndicate agents remaining inside city limits before returning to the pick up point.

Syndicate update:

The enemy squad is seriously under strength and poorly equipped. The police force is almost non existant and shouldnt provide any more problem for you than it does for them.


Small arms with automatics for support are all that are really needed for this mission. A squad of two agents could cover the city in almost no time at all. Either keep both agents tight to each other and concentrate firepower on individual targets or drag one agent further behind with longer ranged equipment to provide cover for the first.

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