Defend the Fortress

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Defend the Fortress
Defend the Fortress briefing screen.png
Briefing screen
Location Alaska
Syndicate: American Revolt campaign
Previous mission -
Next mission ?

Defend the Fortress is the first mission in Syndicate: American Revolt, and takes place in Alaska.


Mercenary Camp.

Hold position.

An important advisor to our organisation is on his way to survey the newly captured fortress. Your squad has been assigned to safeguard him while he is in the area.

Access update:

The advisor will approach the fort from the eastern road entrance. Ensure that he has a clear path to enter the fort.

Syndicate update:

Scanners indicate that there are two enemy squads in the vicinity. They may prove to be a threat to the advisor although we believe that they are only on manouvers.


All four agents should be deployed. Make good use of their individual intelligence and perception values. Send at least one agent to cover the main entrance and the rest to cover the walls. Area of effect weapons could prove hazardous to the advisor so be careful.

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