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Location London
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Dark Angels In The Architecture
The Hive
Next mission Deep Mind
Bring Him Back Alive

Duplicity is the fourteenth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in London.


Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


London: Provide maximum security for the Chief Executive meeting.

Listen, Executive [Player]. This is London Artificial Intelligence. I have new information and orders for you.

I now know more about the Church of the New Epoch. The C3 did indeed construct a human intelligence-enhancing device, more effective than anything in conventional cybernetics.

Against the orders of Ko-Paull Vissick, certain members of the group then used the experimental cerebral amplifier they had made, on themselves. C3 member Tyrone Chodak was the first to use the device. He also maintained the mission logbook. Several of the log's entries refer to a second book which Chodak began writing to explain some of the scientific theories his enhanced brain was now capable of formulating. He called this second log book the 'Codex' and, thanks to you, we now have a copy. Its entries consist of intensely complex mathematics, quantum physics, genetics and some brand new work in fields as diverse as unified force mechanics and evolutionary cognition. The Codex contains enough revolutionary science to keep every AI in UTOPIA busy for years. London AI is going to do the best it can to study it alone.

From the mission log, it seems there was a power struggle between Chodak and Vissick, climaxing in an explosion that wrecked the C3's Reykjavik facility. In his notes, Chodak accused Vissick - who was nowhere to be found after the explosion - of sabotage. Chodak also charges EuroCorp with complicity and threatened to use technology derived from the Codex to completely annihilate the Syndicate. The rest of the C3 followed Chodak's lead.

The explosion at Reykjavik and the disappearance of the C3 both happened less than forty-eight hours before the Harbinger virus hit UTOPIA.

Analysis of your agents' attack on the Nuuk Cathedral uncovered Cult dogma inscribed on walls and pillars, which refers mysteriously to 'The Nine'. It is reasonable to deduce that the Nine and the C3 are one and the same and, therefore, that the Church of the New Epoch is merely a front for carrying out Chodak's threats to destroy the Syndicate.

This means we are up against EuroCorp's former intellectual elite, equipped with advanced technologies, as well as the wildcard Vissick who is giving guidance to the Unguided.

Professor Kurt Drennan will give our department heads an immediate strategy briefing, here in London. Drennan and his aide are scheduled to collect a copy of the Codex for the presentation in New Hyde Park. Our recently reconstructed Chief Executive group will be in attendance. The area will be monitored by local police, who are now under our direct control.

London Artificial Intelligence



There are three scientists in this mission. The first two you can easily persuade after the mission is complete. The last one is Drennan himself; as long as he gets to his exit point the mission will complete, whether he is persuaded or not.

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