Eliminate Zealots

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Eliminate Zealots
Location Detroit
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Executive Alert
Next mission Fusion
Friendly Persuasion

Eliminate Zealots is the second EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Detroit.


Ref:1 05/06 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1 - Emergency

Message begins:


Detroit: Seek out members of the Church of the New Epoch and terminate them. Neutralise category U-Unguided citizens.

Attention, Executive [Player]. I am UTOPIA Agent Maritz, EuroCorp Intelligence.

The situation is critical. UTOPIA has been attacked. The EuroCorp information infrastructure has been fundamentally compromised. Emergency procedure has been initiated.

I am transferring all EuroCorp command decisions to the backup AI immediately. I will relay its analysis and orders to you. I repeat, supreme EuroCorp command is being transferred to the London Artificial Intelligence. Its primary standing order is to rebuild UTOPIA, from first principles if necessary.

London AI is already making its initial assessment of the situation. The formulation of missions will follow.

You will direct agents to execute these missions.

The general situation looks bad. A global attack has been launched on the Syndicate. Detroit's UTOPIA AI was targeted and my counterpart there eliminated. Detroit's attackers released a sophisticated virus into UTOPIA. Fail-safes aren't activating. However the virus works, it's shifting from AI to AI faster than we can track it.

A completely unauthorised group calling itself The Church of the New Epoch claims responsibility for the virus - they call it "Harbinger". It is Harbinger which is causing the exponential rise in CHIP dropouts. The Church of the New Epoch has also begun a propaganda campaign inciting violence against EuroCorp, which is being transmitted on hijacked UTOPIA channels.

The most zealous followers of this so-called "Church" refer to themselves as "Disciples" and can be distinguished by caped body armour.



2500cr - police report rising number of behaviour violations by unguided citizens


Sell your equipment, leaving one agent with an Uzi. If you have a persuadertron, sell it because you'll find another one.

Kill the unguided nearby and take their guns. Go to the parking lot and kill the two unguided here and the last one to the west. The last one has a High Explosive which you can take. If you put the psychotropic bar to the right, your agents will shoot unassisted and won't accidentally shoot the bomb after it's been dropped.

The zealots can be found west of the drop zone, one of them will plant an explosive and then get zapped by a sentry gun. Check the corpses for Knockout Gas around here. Kill the zealots ahead, one of them has a high explosive and another one carries a persuadertron. A few Zealots will go south-west in the car if you approach it. Once you've killed them, return to the drop zone to finish the mission.

The Mission

Need: 1xUzi

Observe the map: At the start there are roaming Unguided nearby. Police with Uzi on foot and in cars. Church Of The New Epoch followers (bright white identikeys) have invaded a Eurocorp Ground Station, blown up the gate and killed everyone. A large laser turret is postioned right next to the blown up gate. A carpark with many vehicles has Unguided. A lone crazed Unguided female is shooting a large building in the far part of the cityscape.

Weapons and Lovers: Kill the Unguided just outside your start position. Pick up three Uzi. Move to the carpark and kill the Unguided sitting inside the motorbike looking vehicle when they appear as you get close. You can get inside a car for protection from thier attack.

Crazy woman: Deselect any weapons, remove drug influence, and now (you must) group your agents. Approach the building which the Unguided is shooting. As your agents get close, she will place a High Explosive on the ground and run off. Quickly take the bomb and run back to the other side of this large structure and grab the second bomb. The feral woman will place a third bomb next to the small buildings. Follow her and pick up the High Explosives as she places them. Kill her with concentrated Uzi fire afterwards and any Police feeling brave. Note: the crazy woman puts down a bomb a total of four times. It does not mean she put down one bomb each time! Since your agents can only carry four small items of the same type, if you use one or two agents for this bomb collection task and there are many bombs (commonly nine), they will explode and you die!

Eurocrop: Walk your agents to the Eurocorp Ground Station and move in and away from the large turret near the entrance. A lone Zealot will rush out and drop a bomb near it, it explodes, destroying the turret. Blue drug enhance your agents and select any agent which is not carrying any High Explosives. Move this one agent to the location of the recently destroyed turret. A few Zealots will wake up from the effects of Knockout Gas and come for a fight. Kill them but keep an eye on the Zealot which moves past the large building near the destroyed turret. Use the single agent to quickly grab the High Explosive when it is placed. Quickly swap to Uzi and gun down this Zealot before he gets to the car. Pick up the Persuadertron he dropped.

Cleanup: The remaining Zealots will drive to the crazy woman's large building and walkabout. If you did not kill the Zealot with the Persuadertron, you may have some indoctrinated civilians to kill also when you finally go neutralize them all.

End Mission: Pick up the two Knockout Gas cannisters located on the dead bodies of the Eurocorp agents. One is just inside the destroyed gate on the road and the other cannister is up near the building located in a carpark space. Make sure you have the Persuadertron. Evacuate as per orders. Persuade all the civilians for 100cr, for each one alive at mission termination.

Alternatives: Allowing the Persudertron using Zealot to escape the compound alive will cause an army of civilians to become a threat when they pick up weapons. Killing the one doing the persuading will make the civilians return to their former state if you don't gun them down beforehand. Attacking the over-run Eurocorp base before you kill the crazy Unguided woman dropping bombs will cause the Zealots to kill her instead when they finally drive away from the compound. She won't place many bombs which means reduced funds back at base when you sell the High Explosives. You could rush in to the Eurocorp compound and kill the Zealots before they wake up from the Knockout Gas.

New: 3xUzi, +2xKnockout Gas, 1xPersuadertron, +4xHigh Explosive

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