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EuroCorp logo.png
Type Global syndicate
Headquarters Geneva (2069)
London (22nd century)

EuroCorp is an organisation in the Syndicate games. They are headquartered in in Geneva, Western Europe.

By 2100 the European Community was suffering internal breakdown. The novel idea of compartmentalising European affairs – with Belgium responsible for entertainment, Italy for defense, and Britain the continent's cuisine – was a nightmare scenario and trouble inevitable. Centuries-old national rivalries could not be put aside and the Germans were (to use the diplomatic language of the time) 'putting down their beach towels' on every sun lounger in Europe.
In this atmosphere of mutual distrust and aggression the CHIP was perfected. It kept the populace occupied while, in the background, competing governments fell to corporate interests and the Syndicates moved in. When the dust had settled only EuroCorp remained. But EuroCorp's monopoly of world CHIP production couldn't last forever, and soon the executive was defending itself from rival Syndicate interests on all fronts.
This is the situation into which you are plunged. Defend your Syndicate and, at the same time, use your agents to re-establish EuroCorp's pre-eminence.
—Manual description, Syndicate


EuroCorp was formed in 2017 through the merger of Kader Industrieen and Euroline Medical, and become the world's first mega-corporation, a syndicate. In 2021 they established their North American branch, and in 2025 they introduced the first model of bio-chip, the DART.

In 2069 EuroCorp were at the height of their power, but that year saw the beginning of the syndicate wars as Cayman Global initiated a hostile takeover of their North American division. The rival syndicate invaded the offices at EuroCorp Spire in New York and succeeded in their efforts. At the same time the company saw the death of its CEO and top agent, though this was done not by Cayman Global forces but by two former employees, a prototype agent and a scientist.

EuroCorp recovered from the loss and launched a counter-offensive, eventually taking over the assets of every other syndicate and becoming rulers of the world. But the world was not enough, and in the following decades they constructed facilities on the Moon, together with an orbital elevator to facilitate travel into outer space. The company also moved its headquarters to London during this time.

Barring a revolt in the Americas that was quickly put down, EuroCorp's rule remained unchallenged for fifty years until the rise of the Church of the New Epoch. The cult released the Harbinger technological virus which disrupted chip control globally. The syndicate was fractured as its regional divisions either became infected or declared independence. EuroCorp's London headquarters and its AI – unaffected by the virus – began a campaign of pre-emptive strikes against its own subsidiaries, bringing them under central control once more.



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