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Location Cape Town
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Taken To Taks
Next mission Missing Link

EuroLore is the third part of the eleventh EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Cape Town.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Adelaide: Scientists traced.

Profound greetings.

London AI has been psych-profiling the message content of an increasing number of subversive broadcasts from Ko-Paull Vissick. His seminal message, sent on an open channel, clearly incited the Unguided to rise up, not only againstthe Syndicate, but also the Church of the New Epoch. Unfortunately, Vissick's invective was littered with prophecies of doom, indicating that his current state of mind is far from stable. He claimed, for example, that the Church of the New Epoch would bring about nothing less than Armageddon. I can only speculate as to how they're supposed to initiate global destruction.

Vissick's last assignment was so highly classified - and UTOPIA has been so desolated by the Harbinger virus - that information on the nature of his mission is sketchy. However, we know that he was working as part of a team of top researchers from Gel Data and The Hexagon Corporation on a project in Iceland. Jennifer Taks has given us the locations of Gel Data and Hexagon scientists in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Adelaide. Seek out and persuade these scientists at your discretion.

Good luck, [Player].




  • Stuck Together: your agents stick close and constantly bump together as if trying to occupy the same location. If any your agents are bumping into each other when grouped as four, ungroup them all and manually move each agent to a new position very close by. When each agent is given a unique map co-ordinate, the error is fixed. Grouping the agents as four now works normally.

The Mission

Need: 4xLR Rifle, 1xRazor Wire, 1xPersuadertron

Useful: 1xHigh Explosive

Immediately after landing, group your agents and run near to the north edge (the direction you flew from). Red drug and walk east to the three long narrow buildings to kill Unguided with bombs. Pick up the bombs (must get one at least) if possible and also at least three guns of any sort before all hell breaks loose. Move back to the location where your green APC transport smashed into the ground and kill off Unguided or Police as they approach swapping LR Rifles and whatever you picked up when needed. If any bombs are easy to grab, do so.

Observe the map: A cityscape split in two. The western half has a military base at the base of some mountains and the other side a dense commercial district dissected by a road. The military base is occupied by Zealots on foot with armoured parked flying vehicles and unarmoured flying vehicles with the mission objective inside the temple grounds. The commercial district has a high civilian population, moderate Police presence including unarmored flying vehicles and a few Zealots guarding a road vehicle. Some of the buildings in the south eastern quarter are damaged from a very recent fight between Unguided and Police.

Got bang zap: Destroy the weak flying Police vehicle (Pulse Laser) patrolling the skies nearby. Kill off any Unguided (Minigun, Pulse Laser, Electron Mace, LR Rifle and High Explosive) which remain from the initial madness and also any Police (Pulse Laser) on foot. Once the local area is safe, pick up Pulse Laser. Note: combine High Explosives which you gathered to optimise inventory room.

Cleanup: Kill the lone Unguided (LR Rifle) red hair standing by the lamp post inside the eastern quarter. Move south toward the very edge of the map but do not cross the road towards the vehicle. Kill the two Zealots (Electron Mace) but avoid damaging the car. If you cross the road a Zealot ambush will spawn from the two buildings immediately across the road. Do not trigger the trap.

Foolish fool: Move on foot westwards along the road towards the gate that divides the city. Move an agent (or four) very close to the gate sections that open and it may attract a fool with a new toy. A lone Zealot (Launcher) will become agressive and shoot at the gate getting closer after each shot. Eventually he will kill himself. The gate takes sixteen Launcher hits to be destroyed.

IML funtime: Move to the IML Link and loiter on the path west of the building. Eventually an unarmored Zealot flying vehicle (Electron Mace) from the temple will fight. Destroy it. Destroy the fence with a single High Explosive next to the rear of the temple. Do not place it near the depressed ground containing the reddish trees since that area is inaccessabile. Equip LR Rifle and Red drug enhancement and methodically kill off the temple Zealots (Electron Mace). Do not persuade the Scientist just yet. Move to the temple opening adjacent to the road and shoot rifles to destroy the patrolling unarmored Zealot flying vehicle (Electron Mace). Note: if the gate attacking Zealot (Launcher) which kills himself is not dead, kill him also but do not take the new weapon since you may be attack by a flying vehicle.

House 1 cleanup: The first small house from the temple has two armoured flying vehicles only. Move outside the temple and use Blue drug enhancement (don't kill the Scientist) and walk closely along the outside of the temple wall westwards until your squad fires on the closer Zealot flying vehicle (four Zealots with Electron Mace and Ion Mine). If the vehicle moves at all run to the IML Link building and hide underneath since this flying vehicle is dangerous. Note: if your agents are running they do not shoot so that Scientist remains unharmed. Destroy the second Zealot flying vehicle (Electron Mace and Ion Mine) when ready.

House 2 cleanup: The second small house from the temple has two armoured flying vehicles and two foot patrols. Move along the centreline of the road heading south and use rifles to kill the Zealot (Launcher) patrolling the spire at the grassy section and the two Zealot flying vehicles (Electron Mace). Walk towards the patrolling Zealots (Electron Mace and High Explosive) and kill them both. Pick up the bombs.

House 3 cleanup: The third and last small house from the temple has two foot patrols only. Walk towards the Zealots (Launcher) and gun them down with rifles. Two hits each. Collect four Launchers.

Shredding: Move to the opening in the barrier near the IML Link which divides the city in two and stand on the commercial district side of this gap. String about 10 to 15 Razor Wire zigzags across this gap. Move towards the Zealot road vehicle parked on the south edge of the city. When about five car lengths away from it enable Red drug enhancement then run and jump in and immediately drive off westwards towards the military base. Drive thru the gate and park somewhere. Quickly jump out and run to the Razor Wire trap. Stand at rifle distance away from the gap and wait for the six Zealots (Electron Mace) to shred themselves to death. Kill any that made it through. Note: the vehicle will take heavy damage but will survive if you don't waste time.

Brain gain: Since there are no more threats (Police excluded) in the city or military base, persuade the Scientist and evacuate to the IML Link being carful of not walking through fire.

End Mission: make sure to take four Launchers. Fill up your agent inventory with anything available to sell.

Alternatives: Once you are able to persuade the Scientist after blowing a hole in the temple fence, do so and rush towards the evacutaion point. Eventually Zealots (Launcher) will attack. Take the weapons for new research then end mission. If the motorbike survives the initial Unguided rampage, use it instead of the Zealot road vehicle. Place three agents in it and use the fourth with shields enabled to trigger the ambush. Run back to the motorbike and drive through the gate as normal.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 4xLauncher, +6xHigh Explosive (one used), 1xScientist.


There is one scientist in this mission, the mission target.

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