Executive Alert

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Executive Alert
Executive Alert briefing screen.png
Briefing screen
Location London
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission -
Next mission Eliminate Zealots

Executive Alert is the first EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in London.


Ref:0 02/06 74NC Brief

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 3

Message begins:


London: Quell disorder.

Extraordinary malfunctions of UTOPIA chips are being reported. The malfunctions are all total dropouts, complete CHIP failures. Subsequent category of citizens is U-Unguided. U category civilians reported in violation of behaviour codes within one square kilometre of this substation.

EuroCorp Core 0-1-0/171261/26D: London Artificial Intelligence, UTOPIA

Universal Transferred Organic Processing Interface Architecture


500cr - Eavesdrop: police on patrol with orders to engage anyone bearing arms.


This is the easiest mission in the game, so it's a good opportunity to get acquainted with the interface. Head north and kill the group of Unguided there, then as you head back to HQ more will show up nearby, so kill them too. One of them is carrying razor wire, have one of your agents pick it up.

The Mission

Need: 1xUzi 1xPersuadertron (for Easter Egg)

Observe the map: starting at your compound (EuroCorp London AI Ground Station) with friendly Guards (pink identikey), no vehicle traffic, many civilians (grey identikeys), Police (blue identikeys) on foot with Uzi. Unguided civilians (green identikeys) with Uzi nearby some buildings (Corporate District) which you need to kill.

Need weapons: when exiting the compound, don't approach the Unguided instead turn away and go down the road away from them. Kill some Police and get three Uzi but avoid killing civilians. Walk or run back to the entrance of your compound.

Trap the trapper: select any agent and change their drug to full Blue. Equip their Uzi and go stand this single agent between the two small buildings directly outside your compound. Leave him there.

Unguided fight: select another agent and group them (left click twice on the group button to group three agents - two bars of the button should be lit up). Use Red drug enhancement. Walk to the Unguided, attack and kill them since they don't shoot at you just yet.

A new thing: when you engage the Unguided presently on the map, a single Unguided will spawn from the second small building near your compound entrance. Since you have a paranoid drugged agent standing nearby and shooting everything, this lone feral should be dead also. If not, just kill the blue hair and take the Razor Wire.

Surprise: Group all agents together, select Red drug and walk back to the compound entrance. Make a line across the entrance and wait for the Unguided which have spawned in from the building to rush you. Kill them all. End mission by moving to evacuation point.

Bonus money: Every civilian is worth 100cr when persuaded. To offset the cost of the 15,000cr spent acquiring the persuadertron, you must get 150 civilians to see the monochrome light and not allow them to die at mission end. Make sure the cops don't kill your brainless bunch. There are 280 civilians in total. Some will die from the Razor Wire, some will die from the Unguided ferals, some will die from the crossfire. Persaude them all!

End mission: make sure you have the Razor Wire.

Alternatives: Kill the guards instead of the cops and take their weapons. Ignore the Razor Wire wire and watch what happens, kill him later.

EASTER EGG: there is a large video billboard in the central part of the map. Equip the Persuadertron and go stand this agent at the mircophone stand podium. A game will be able to be played on the large screen. Move mouse side to side to play.

New: 3xUzi, 1xRazor Wire.


There is a bank located next to the large video billboard in this mission. It does not contain any credits.

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