Friendly Persuasion

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Friendly Persuasion
Location Beijing
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Eliminate Zealots
Next mission Where Is Wisdom?
Lost Minds

Friendly Persuasion is the second part of the third EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Beijing.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong: Persuade Yamaguchi power plant technicians.

Beijing: Persuade Yamaguchi corporation executives.

Congratulations, [Player]. Detroit has been successfully stabilised. However, the chaos brought by the Harbinger virus has spread elsewhere. Syndicate communications are being intercepted globally. Unauthorised order codes are being issued all over UTOPIA. Regional EuroCorp divisions are isolating themselves for their own security, effectively creating new syndicates in the process. These must be brought back under the control of EuroCorp where possible. Otherwise they will have to be destroyed.

In Hong Kong, Yamaguchi Holodata, the Pacific Rim's major UTOPIA CHIP manufacturer, is attempting to establish an independent syndicate. We intend to undermine Yamaguchi's plans in two key strikes.

The Yamaguchi corporation's main power supply comes from the Hong Kong fusion plant. Send a team of agents to penetrate this site and persuade the technicians to join us. Without the technicians' attention, the core will overload, causing an explosion. Destroying this station should be enough to keep Yamaguchi pre-occupied for a while.

To complete the blow against Yamaguchi, pay a visit to their Beijing offices. Locate and persuade their chief executives. Neutralise any agents you encounter. As London AI's mission simulations indicate a need for more agents to complement those in stasis in our cryovats, you are authorised to use the persuadertron at your discretion.

By the time you complete your objectives, Yamaguchi should be eager to discard any notion of leaving the EuroCorp fold.




There is a bank in this mission containing cash.


There are three agents and one scientist in this mission that can be persuaded.

The Mission

Need: 1xMinigun, 1xPersuadertron

Don't move up the ramp just yet.

Observe the map: Unguided mobs using Uzi, with the red hair using a Minigun. A Police station is nearby with a bank next door to the station protected by cops. In the middle area of the map are two mobs of Unguided with same setup. Red hair types have Miniguns. Closer mob has High Explosives. Along the far side is a mountain range with enemy agents patroling their base. South f your start position is a mission objective and a Scientist tending to a dead person. Further south is a Zealot compound and near to that another mission objective.

Unguided ferals: Move up the ramp and kill the female first, then the rest, get the weapons and move across the road towards the centre. Kill the female first and use your agents Red drug to kill the blue hairs. They will drop High Explosive, so if you shoot manually you could hit the bombs and they explode. Pick them up by walking not running since your squad cannot shoot when running. Move to the other mob and kill them all.

Bank transfer: Group your agents and kill the four Police guarding the bank then move your squad very close to the entrance of the Police station. Your agent with the High Explosive should move towards the bank and your other agents should equip miniguns and use Blue drug. Place a high explosive on at the foot of the middle door of the bank building and then run across the street. The bank explodes and cops rush out of the Police station. Since these cops are neutral, your three other agents don't shoot them with Red drug but will kill them with Blue. Collect the suitcases (yellow dots on minimap).

Cop killer: Each mision objective is protected by police with minguns. Kill them all but don't hit the executives. Kill the lone Unguided hiding behind the building.

Zealots bad day: Move towards the ramp of the Zealot compound and run (not walk) in towards the lamppost. One Zealot will throw a Psycho Gas at the ramp so you must not get affected by it. Kill them all and pick up the medikit.

Agents indoctrination: Go persuade a large mob of civilians ignoring the Scientist (ambulance guy) and the mission objectives. Move towards the mountain range opening then observe the movements of all three enemy agents. The closest (first enemy) enters a building so run towards him when he is walking back to the building. By the time your agent gets their, he should be exiting the building. It is not critial since all three have Uzi and pose little threat. The second enemy moves past a roundish structure so persuade him just as he passes the corner. Check you energy levelwhen ready just run after the thid enemy agent just as he exits the building.

Scientist: Approach the scientist with your persuadertron deselected. When you standing next to the body and so does the scientist, just enable the persuadertron to grab him. If the scientist gets in the car he drives off the and stays in the car making it impossible to take him.

Executives: Since there are no threats, just take your time to grab the missions objectives. Avoid any fires since civilians are flammable.

End mission: just make sure to grab anything you could sell.

Alternatives: The enemy agents are weak and almost useless, kill them and take the persuadertron. You could start the mission with an Uzi instead, but it increases your chance of death against a minigunner.

New: 4xUzi, 3xMinigun, +2xHigh Explosive (used one), 1xMedikit, +1xPsycho Gas, 3xAgents (3xUzi, 1xPersuadertron, No body mods), 1xScientist. Money.

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