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Location Hong Kong
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Eliminate Zealots
Next mission Where Is Wisdom?
Lost Minds

Fusion is the first part of the third EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Hong Kong.


Ref:2 08/06 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong: Persuade Yamaguchi power plant technicians.

Beijing: Persuade Yamaguchi corporation executives.

Congratulations, [Player]. Detroit has been successfully stabilised. However, the chaos brought by the Harbinger virus has spread elsewhere. Syndicate communications are being intercepted globally. Unauthorised order codes are being issued all over UTOPIA. Regional EuroCorp divisions are isolating themselves for their own security, effectively creating new syndicates in the process. These must be brought back under the control of EuroCorp where possible. Otherwise they will have to be destroyed.

In Hong Kong, Yamaguchi Holodata, the Pacific Rim's major UTOPIA CHIP manufacturer, is attempting to establish an independent syndicate. We intend to undermine Yamaguchi's plans in two key strikes.

The Yamaguchi corporation's main power supply comes from the Hong Kong fusion plant. Send a team of agents to penetrate this site and persuade the technicians to join us. Without the technicians' attention, the core will overload, causing an explosion. Destroying this station should be enough to keep Yamaguchi pre-occupied for a while.

To complete the blow against Yamaguchi, pay a visit to their Beijing offices. Locate and persuade their chief executives. Neutralise any agents you encounter. As London AI's mission simulations indicate a need for more agents to complement those in stasis in our cryovats, you are authorised to use the persuadertron at your discretion.

By the time you complete your objectives, Yamaguchi should be eager to discard any notion of leaving the EuroCorp fold.



no further info


This mission serves as an introduction to the Persuadertron, so make sure you buy one if you didn't pick one up from a zealot corpse in the previous mission. Your objective is simple, to persuade the scientists to the north west of the map, which can be done by walking up to them with a Persuadatron equipped. They are on an island with no pedestrian routes, so you will need to commandeer a car, but there are several car parks around where you can find an unattended one if you are patient.

Of interest on this mission are the agents that are just south of your starting location. There are only three of them so if you wish so you can kill them without too much of a problem, but a far better idea is to persuade them too. As they are agents they can't be persuaded as easily as civilians, so avoid them to begin with and persuade several civilians first, then some police, and this will give you enough influence for the agents. They take a lot of energy to persuade, so it's a good idea to drive up to them in a vehicle and exit if necessary to persuade the first one, and then enter it again until your energy has recharged, and repeat. Your vehicle isn't indestructible though so make sure you watch its health as the other agents will be firing at it, and if it gets too low then enter their APC instead. Make sure you do all this before you persuade the scientists otherwise they might be killed in the fire fight.

The Mission

Need: 1xUzi, 1xPersuadertron.

Ignore the firefight and don't move or equip weapons.

Observe the map: Across the road where you start is a vehicle (green APC) with three enemy agents with Miniguns and a some dead Unguided. On a small island is your mission objective (2xScientists) and a few enemy guards with Miniguns. On a large island is a building with patrolling Zealots. There are two carparks which civilians exit their vehicles for short time and take a stroll.

Need big guns: Exit the start location by moving to the corner near the water so to avoid a firefight and then walk along the coast towards the small island until about a screen away from those enemy agents. Kill three cops and take their weapons. Move your agents to the carpark with the unattended car and take it for a drive towards the Scientists. Kill the enemy guards near your vehicle and then get out and rush and kill the remaining guard. You now have three Miniguns. Ignore the Scientists for now.

Kill the Zealots: If your vehicle has less than half health, return to the carpark and steal a fresh one. Drive over to the Zealot compound and Minigun anything you can hit with the Red drugged agents. Stay in the car because of Psycho Gas. Keep driving by and stop far enough away to be able to hit a single Zealot at a time instead of being rushed. If the car gets less than half health with many remaining Zealots to kill, dump the car and get another one. Repeat until Zealots are dead. Pick up the Razor Wire, Medikit, Psycho Gas and another Minigun.

Need a fresh car: You need a healthy car now so position a single agent each with Red drug and weapon drawn at each carpark which has a civilian which stops their car and gets out. Since civilians panic at the sight of guns, once they get out of the car they will run away each time they try to return to it as long as your lone agent is close enough to the car. Once you have a near full health car (except the Bullfrog truck which seems to be vunerable to bullets), steal it with a single agent and don't get out until much later. Note: you can do the next part now while waiting for a car.

Civilian army: use the Persuadertron to convert a mass of civilians and Police. Avoid the enemy agents.

Enemy friends: Return your Persuadertron agent to the newly stolen car, wait for the brainwashed civilians to get into the car and then drive to the carpark with the enemy agents. Park the car on the left of the enemy vehicle but do not get out. The enemy agent pacing on this side of the enemy vehicle will be persuaded. He will immediately get into your car. Drive and park on the other side of the enemy vehicle and persuade the second enemy agent. Once your agent's energy bar is full after persuading the second enemy agent, exit the vehicle and quickly rush the third enemy since his energy should now be depleted due to constantly firing the Minigun. You now have three new agents to use on the next mission.

Scientists: Drive to the Scientists, get out and persuade them. Return to the car and drive away. When the car is out the gate and off the bridge, the buildings blow up. Try to avoid losing any persuaded civilians.

End Mission: evacuate making sure the Scientists don't walk through any flames or get shot by cops. Persuade the rest of the civilians since each one alive and brainwashed is worth 100cr at mission termination.

Alternatives: The Unguided or Police sometimes kill an enemy agent. One of the enemy agents has a briefcase with 50,000Cr

New: 2xScientist, 3xUzi, 4xMingun, +2xPsycho Gas, 1xRazor Wire, 1xMedikit 3xAgent (3xMinigun, 1xPersuadertron, 3xBody Version 1).


There are three agents and two scientists in this mission that can be persuaded.

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