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Location Vancouver
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Fusion
Friendly Persuasion
Next mission Open Re-Bullion

Guru is the third part of the fourth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Vancouver.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:

Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar: Seek and persuade Bluesky Tendencies scientists.

Greetings, [Player]. Your success is heartening.

Your next mission is to provide us with the brains we need to build a new R&D department. The Yamaguchi executives you persuaded provided us with information regarding the whereabouts of some top scientific personnel. Bluesky Tendencies has laboratories in Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar. All had Grade A scientific personnel assigned to them. As soon as your agents reach any of these destinations, a UTOPIA identkey trace in the local network should pick out target personnel.

These scientists are some of the most prized brains in the Syndicate. It is imperative that they come to no harm.

Update: The mysterious Church of the New Epoch gains more members hourly, converting citizens with a combination of brainwashing and CHIP hacking techniques. The converts show little evidence of genuine religious motivation. The Church of the New Epoch tells its followers that the end of the world is near and that only the Church possesses the technology to save the faithful from the Cataclysm. Their doctrine is defiantly anti-Syndicate.

Significantly, Unguided citizens don't necessarily join this cult, even when they encounter its zealots.

It also seems that our Persuadertrons do not work on the cultists themselves. We don't know why. We know practically nothing about the cult's technology but research into it has now begun as a matter of the highest priority. Their technical expertise is unquestionably impressive.




There is no bank in this mission, but there are three zealots carrying briefcases containing 200,000 credits. They will be attacked by unguided, who will take the briefcases from their corpses if you don't get to them first. If that happens, kill the unguided to recover the cases.


There are two scientists in this mission that can be persuaded.

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