Harbinger G290

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Harbinger G290
Harbinger G290 concept art.jpg
Concept art
Manufacturer Saxe-Deimling
Projectile 30mm AP (auto)
Weight 115.7 lb. (52.5 kg)
The Harbinger G290 Minigun is a massive multi-barrel machine gun from Saxe-Deimling. It is designed for mechanized infantry and gunship platforms. Licensed production has been in effect since 2061, most frequently in existing vehicle and weapon systems manufacturers.
The heavy weight restricts the use to gun mounts and enforced Agents. The grip has a built-in bullet feed chip-access system allowing data transfer between the gun and the user's chip.
The Harbinger fires 30mm armor-piercing discarding sabot rounds, can only fire with the barrels in full spin and therefore requires a brief windup period before fire.
—Infobank description, Syndicate

The Harbinger G290 is a minigun in Syndicate. It was designed by Saxe-Deimling.


  • Projectile Trailing, reduces the scatter of the gun - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Vertical Compensator, reduces the recoil of the gun - Research Token icon.png 3
  • Double-Spring Windup, reduces the windup time - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Rahe Ammo, increases the damage done - Research Token icon.png ?


Pre-release screenshot

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