Head Hunt

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Head Hunt
Location Rome
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Body Matters
Next mission Taken To Taks

Head Hunt is the ninth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Rome.


Ref:8 28/07 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Rome: Persuade rogue agent.

That was a very successful sweep your agents just conducted. However, the rogue agents' group leader took an IML to Rome and attacked the outpost we recently established. We want this capable agent to join our ranks.

Update: We were lucky to discover Harbinger when we did. At least it means we have an intact AI which continues to prove useful. Consider this: our so-called "Unguided" are being transformed, from unruly mob to determined fighting force. At the helm - one Ko-Paull Vissick; polymath wunderkind and exceptionally gifted intellectual. Vissick is supposed to be one of our top researchers but London AI has picked up his trace right where it shouldn't be.

We've been tracking as much UTOPIA traffic as we can. The Church of the New Epoch has hijacked a lot of it and most of the rest is just meaningless debris left by Harbinger. However, London AI noticed someone else hacking into UTOPIA, now that such things are actually possible. It appeared to be Vissick. Ultimately, it turned out to be a ghost. No way of telling where it was being sent from. But it must have been Vissick. Hardly anyone else in the Syndicate could have done what he did. God only knows why he's hooked up with this Unguided scum. I'll look into it.



10000cr: Eavesdrop: Police on the lookout for an Unguided group which has infiltrated the city in order to fund another uprising.

20000cr: Eavesdrop: unstable UTOPIA ident signal pattern detected - possible Unguided hideaway.



A simple mission. There is only one agent in this mission, the target.

The Mission

Need: 4xLR Rifle, 1xPersaudertron

Observe the map: A lone Unguided (Minigun and High Explosive) is patrolling just up the ramp from the IML Link. Two motorcycles crusing around the city with one Unguided each (Minigun). Police on foot (Minigun or Pulse Laser) and in a road vehicle (two Police with Minigun). A lone Unguided (Pulse Laser) on patrol in the northwest commercial district. A compound with the mission objective (Minigun and Pulse Laser) and flying vehicle (green small APC). No Zealot presence.

How rude: Don't equip just yet. Move to the grassy section right near your start and observe the lone Unguided nearby. Pick up the bomb and then kill the bluehair Unguided (Minigun).

Compound: Walk to the gate whilst engaging threats. Destroy the cars so that they drop next to the gate. Once the gate is demolished move towards the flying vehicle without killing the mission onjective (should be hiding inside a building now) and destroy it. If you don't destroy the flying vehicle, the target will escape.

Commercial District: Approach the northwestern corner until the Unguided (Pulse Laser) swarm. Kill all by retreating and firing the rifles. Take the suitcase from one of the bluehairs which ran off.

Get the agent: Persaude the city into your way of thinking then run into the building with the mission objective. Walk out towards the IML Link by moving towards the western part of the city. Two Unguided will appear from a building and throw Psycho Gas. Kill them both and pick up the Disruptors. Move towards exit.

End Mission: Make sure to have the suitcase.

Alternatives: Move past the Police station to evacuate will not trigger the Unguided with disruptors.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 2xDisruptor +1xPsycho Gas, +1xHigh Explosive, 1xAgent (Minigun, Pulse Laser, Body+Brain+Arms+Legs all version 2), Money.

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