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Location Phoenix
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Sack of Rome
Next mission Head Hunt

Body Matters is the third part of a three part mission brief. It is the eighth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Phoenix.


Ref:7 16/07 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix: neutralise rogue agents.

Return to base for further instructions.

Felicitations, [Player].

The following message was intercepted by netscan at 06:55 yesterday. London AI has just decrypted it.

Message Type: Encoded Transcript
Priority: High
FROM: Control
TO: All Field Executives
Message begins:
Agents purporting to represent EuroCorp have carried out covert operations in sectors of interest to us.
Reconnaissance of these areas is desired. Agents should include assessments of their new mods in their reports.
Message ends.

It is evident from this message that our activities have been monitored by rogue agents with access to cyber-technology. Some of this technology may be more advanced than our own - we do not know what development resources this group has at its disposal.

The message has been traced to destinations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix. Deploy a team of cyborgs to track down and neutralise all unauthorised agents. Our resident AI is now modifying these cities' surveillance systems to detect agents equipped with advanced cybernetic enhancements. Seek out these agents. They must be persuaded to join us or be exterminated.


Netscan: no further information



There are three agents in this mission that can be persuaded; the mission objective and his two bodyguards.

The Mission

Need: 4xLR Rifle, 1xPersuadertron

Don't move.

Observe the map: A familiar cityscape. The bank building detonates so you cannot double-dip. The eastern half of the city has Zealot foot patrols (Electron Mace) and a single vehicle (two Minigun Zealots) which moves about the whole city. The southwestern corner has a strong Unguided presence (Minigun, High Explosive) and a vehicle. Police (Minigun and Pulse Laser) on foot. The mission objective is inside a compound with two other agents and four guards all armed with Pulse Laser.

Cleanup the city: Move out to near the bank and Zealots will come. Sweep the city of Zealots and Police. Kill them all but avoid the Unguided for now.

Vehicle: Approach the Unguided mob and shoot some ferals. They will swarm so retreat with rifles firing. Grab the High Explosives. Leave the vehicle for now.

Compound breach: Destroy the gate first. If you use the available vehicle you will be stuck inisde this compound if the car gets destroyed and you have no High Explosives, so destroy the gate as a safety measure. Stand near the compound gate and shoot the civilian vehicles as they drive past. Time it so they blow up next to the gate and when both enemy agents are not nearby. Once the gate is flattened, disable guns and drugs then run your agents in then quickly outside. Stay near the destroyed gate but don't kill the enemy agents. Very soon two Zealot flying vehicles will come over (a Zealot each with Electron Mace) and shoot at the nearest target. Kill them before they kill the two enemy agents.

Brainless mob: Persuade many civilians.

Agents: Rush in and persuade the two enemy agents (Pulse Laser) patrolling the compound carpark. Rush at the mission objective if the enemy agent is closer than the guards (Pulse Laser) otherwise disable drugs so your squad does not shoot the target agent and manually kill the guards. Persuade the mission objective once there are no more threats.

End Mission: Pick up anything to sell, run or take a flying vehicle if available and evacuate.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4x Electron Mace, +2xHigh Explosive, 3xAgent (3xPulse Laser, Body+Arms+Brain all version 1. Two agents have Legs Version 1, One Agent has Legs Version 2).

Alternatives: Once the gate is destroyed, don't enter the compound to trigger the Zealot flying cars. Persuade the civilians first then rush in and grab the two closer agents. Then run to the yellow vehicle and wait. The Zealots will both land since there are no targets and stand near their cars. Drive the yellow vehicle back to the compound once your two new agents are safely inside this vehicleand kill the two Zealots.

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