Ion Mine

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Ion Mine
Syndicate Wars
Ion Mine.png
Armoury shot
Cost 62,000
Weapon power 1/8
Range 2/8
Energy cons. 3/8
A proximity triggered, electromagnetic pulse mine. Equipment caught in the pulse's field is temporarily, or even permanently, disabled and the electrical mechanisms of organic tissue are burned out. Conductors such as vehicles, street furniture and cyborgs take most of the charge. Can affect persuaded status of anyone caught in its area of effect.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars
Triggered by enemy activity in the vicinity, the Ion Mine sends out tendrils of electrical energy in all directions and is extremely effective against enemies of the faith in a vehicle or on foot. This device is triggered by target proximity. Its discharge will also affect the CHIP status of those caught by it.
Church of the New Epoch armoury description, Syndicate Wars

The Ion Mine is equipment in Syndicate Wars. It us activated by proximity and disrupts electronics, vehicles and persuaded individuals.

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