Jack Denham (mission)

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Jack Denham
Location New York
Business cards 0
Propaganda 1
Syndicate single-player campaign
Previous mission Burning Tower
Next mission -

Jack Denham is the twentieth and final single-player mission in Syndicate.



Denham has retreated to the top of the Spire. There is only one obstacle to clear before he is mine. You're in my way.


Agent Twins

In this boss battle you will be attacked by two female agents, with Merit supporting them from a platform using a mini-gun. He can't be defeated at the moment, so concentrate on the twins for now.

When the battle starts run to the right and breach the computer towers to raise them so they can be used for cover. The twins will breach the towers themselves to lower them out of the way again, but there's no time limit so you can, and should, raise them back straight away. As long as you stay behind the towers the twins will only come one at a time, with the other and Merit firing from a distance and hopefully hitting the cover instead of you. When a twin is close to death they will swap positions so you have to do a lot of work to take one down, but then the next one will be a lot easier.

To kill each of the twins, you need to breach her armour and deplete her health. However, there is a slight problem with this strategy. When one of the twins is down, Merit will resuccitate her. To avoid this, attack Merit just before you take down the last sliver of one of the twin's health, then the platform he is on will lower out of the way for a short while, breaking their link. Once the agent is down and with Merit out of the way, rush to her and press the execute button. This will eliminate one of the twins. Rinse and repeat to finish off the second twin.

Agent Merit

After you have dealt with the twins, Merit will come down from his platform and start the next round of the fight. He is protected by multiple liquid armor layers, so you have to peel them back one by one. However, you must do this while being shot at by a mini-gun!

The first step after the short cut-scene is to find cover immediately. Head to the right among the servers and ensure you have plenty of cover between you and him. If you find yourself in need of weapons or ammo, make sure you check the walls as they are stocked with both.

He has two basic attacks really. The first is to open up with the mini-gun and attempt to mow you down with brute force. The second triggers if you find cover for a short amount of time. When he cannot see you for a period of time, he will stop shooting and brace himself, launching a bevy of grenades skyward. If you don't move from your cover you will soon be covered in grenades. This second attack really leaves him open so it can be used to your advantage.

Breach his armor, which should stun him for a few seconds. If you use the Dart Overlay at this point you should be able to strip him of his shield layer leaving the trauma layer. At this point your Dart Overlay pool should be near empty. Take cover and wait for the shooting to stop. That should be the cue that he is going to launch grenades. Immediately pop out and tear down the trauma layer while he is indisposed and then move quickly to the next piece of cover.

Continue to do this and you will eventually peel back all the layers and get him down for the count. Approach him and hit the execute button and enjoy the end of a tough fight.

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