Jules Merit

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Jules Merit
Jules Merit screenshot.jpg
Affiliation EuroCorp
Rank Senior Agent
Merit was recovered from the Jersey Downtown in 2046 via standard channels; at an estimated five and a half years old, he was already substantially older than most adoptees, and his life on the streets had rendered him almost totally feral.
—Infobank description, Syndicate

Agent Jules Merit is a character in Syndicate, and is voiced by actor Michael Wincott. Merit is a EuroCorp agent and serves as a friend and mentor to the protagonist, Miles Kilo, showing him how to be an agent at the beginning of the game.

Merit is first seen after Agent Kilo finishes his training with the new DART 6 chip, supervised by top EuroCorp scientist Lily Drawl. EuroCorp CEO Jack Denham interupts Kilo's training to give him an assignment to infiltrate Aspari corporation and kill their senior researcher Gary Chang as he is close to developing a DART 6 chip for Aspari, much to the chagrin of Drawl who believes the DART 6 and Kilo needs more testing. Merit however intercedes and decides Kilo is ready for action. Once at aspari Merit and Kilo split up to look for Chang, Kilo eventually finds and kills Chang, after this Merit informs him of their new escape route which is an Aspari train.

He was previously partnered with Agent Banks.



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