Kusanagi ACR-10

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Kusanagi ACR-10
Kusanagi ACR-10 concept art.jpg
Concept art
Manufacturer Takashi Corporation
Projectile 7.52mm (auto/single), 24-round clip
Weight 18.3 lb. (8.3 kg)
For over a century, the ACR-10 has serviced elite combat units in warzones across the world.
In 2063, licensed production was granted for Cayman Global by the Takashi Corporation Advisory Board, to counter Aspari’s growing influence in the Mexican Gulf. The rifle has therefore now become a standard issue combat rifle within the Cayman Global elite assault units. 2067, four more Syndicates were granted production rights. Due to its versatility, availability and its unique penetration capabilities, the Kusanagi ACR-10 is now widely used in Syndicate elite forces.
The Kusanagi ACR-10 is a mid to long-range gas-operated assault rifle that uses the revolutionary Overpressurized Hyper-velocity Firing System to allow the operator to shoot through ordinarily impenetrable materiel [sic].
—Infobank description, Syndicate

The Kusanagi ACR-10 is an assault rifle in Syndicate. It was designed by Takashi Defense Systems, Inc. and features an overpressurized hyper-velocity firing system, capable of breaking through low grade covers. It fires ammo of an unspecified caliber from a 24-round magazine (32 when upgraded) and has a built-in offset red-dot sight, as a replacement for standard iron sights.

As a note, the ACR-10 and Kusanagi HSR-6 rifles share a body style. On the ACR, the main scope is the CIAT Scope secondary fire, and on the HSR-6, the Assault Sight secondary fire is the ACR's offset red-dot sight.



  • Digital Recoil Dampenener, reduces the recoil of the gun - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Magazine Extension, increases the number of rounds in a clip - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Compresses [sic] Air Reload, increase Rate of Fire - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Hyper-Velocity System, increases the damage done - Research Token icon.png ?
  • CIAT Scope, Single-Shot semi-automatic alternate fire mode - Research Token icon.png ?
  • MPB Munitions, increases bullet penetration on target - Research Token icon.png ?


Bloody Kusanagi ACR-10

Bloody Kusanagi ACR-10 concept art.jpg

A blood-stained version of the ACR-10 is rewarded for registering at the EA Gun Club.[1]


Pre-release screenshots


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