Kusanagi HSR-6

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Kusanagi HSR-6
Manufacturer Takashi Corporation
Projectile 7.52mm (single), 4-round clip
Weight 20.9 lb. (9.5 kg)
Primary and Secondary fire modes both use an extended version of the overpressurized projectile system, breaking through low grade covers. Following the ACR-10s excellent reception, the Takashi Corporation introduced the HSR-6 to high expectations. Restricted to semiautomatic mode, with a new propulsion extension system and designed with a sleek streamlined refit, this long-range repurposing seemed an excellent development.
The assassination of the French Prime Minister also gave the weapon notoriety, followed by public outcries against arms development, and unprecedented premiere firearm sales.
—Infobank description, Syndicate

The Kusanagi HSR-6 (known as the Kusanagi Sniper) is a sniper rifle in Syndicate. It is manufactured by Takashi Defense Systems, Inc. and based on the same company's Kusanagi ACR-10.


  • Muzzle Brake, reduces recoil of the weapon - Research Token icon.png ?
  • HVAP Ammo, increases the damage done - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Solid Film Lubricant, increases the Rate of Fire - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Magazine Extension, increases the number of rounds in a clip - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Assault Sight, adds a Red-Dot sight enhanced alternate automatic fire mode - Research Token icon.png ?
  • MPB Munitions, increases bullet penetration on target - Research Token icon.png ?
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