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LTB-P concept art.jpg
Concept art
Manufacturer Rommelin Manufacture
Accelle-Sys Industries
Projectile TH3 (cont)
Weight 75 lb. (34 kg)
Developed in 2015 by Tunisian-based Rommelin Manufacture, to stand against the public riots on corporate facilities in North Africa. Primary customer was Kader Industrieen.
As the region came under EuroCorp control, Rommelin came close to bankruptcy, but was instead incorporated into the product portfolio of Accelle-Sys Industries, transferring all patents and designs.
The LTB Thermite Gun was a popular portable crowd-control instrument used by military infantry worldwide, as an incendiary anti-personnel weapon.
It carries Thermate-TH3 ammunition and has a maximum munitions canister load of 5 liters. Burning with an intense flame that eats through metal with time, the gun is feared for the long-term effects caused even by minute exposure to the searing liquefied metal it spews out.
The production line was discontinued in 2055, but reports have indicated ongoing research.
—Infobank description, Syndicate

The LTB-P is a thermite gun in Syndicate. It was designed by Accel-Tec Industries, Inc. to handle public riots on corporate facilities in North Africa.


  • FoF Sensor, reduces damage done to Team Members - Research Token icon.png ?
  • Thermate Injector, increases the damage done - Research Token icon.png ?
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