Lost Minds

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Lost Minds
Location Matochkin Shar
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Fusion
Friendly Persuasion
Next mission Open Re-Bullion

Lost Minds is the second part of a three part mission. It is the fourth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Matochkin Shar.


Ref:3 19/06 NC74 Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:

Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar: Seek and persuade Bluesky Tendencies scientists.

Greetings, [Player]. Your success is heartening.

Your next mission is to provide us with the brains we need to build a new R&D department. The Yamaguchi executives you persuaded provided us with information regarding the whereabouts of some top scientific personnel. Bluesky Tendencies has laboratories in Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar. All had Grade A scientific personnel assigned to them. As soon as your agents reach any of these destinations, a UTOPIA identkey trace in the local network should pick out target personnel.

These scientists are some of the most prized brains in the Syndicate. It is imperative that they come to no harm.

Update: The mysterious Church of the New Epoch gains more members hourly, converting citizens with a combination of brainwashing and CHIP hacking techniques. The converts show little evidence of genuine religious motivation. The Church of the New Epoch tells its followers that the end of the world is near and that only the Church possesses the technology to save the faithful from the Cataclysm. Their doctrine is defiantly anti-Syndicate.

Significantly, Unguided citizens don't necessarily join this cult, even when they encounter its zealots.

It also seems that our Persuadertrons do not work on the cultists themselves. We don't know why. We know practically nothing about the cult's technology but research into it has now begun as a matter of the highest priority. Their technical expertise is unquestionably impressive.



1000cr - Hover car licences detected. 5000cr - Eavesdrop: credit transfer traced to Church Of The New Epoch temple.



A version 1 epidermis can be found in the church.


There is no bank in this mission, but one of the zealots is carrying a briefcase containng 200,000 credits.


There are two agents and four scientists that can be persuaded in this mission.

The Mission

Need: 1xMinigun, 1xPersaudertron, 1xHigh Explosive.

No time to waste. Run all agents to the base of the ramp to the elevated carparks. Walk up the ramp and Minigun any threats. Be careful of being overwhelmed. Get inside a car for temporary protection before it blows up. When all Unguided are dead in the first section (don't cross the elevated road to the second carpark), grab any guns, avoid the cop truck and take the least damaged car and drive down the ramp and across the flat bridge. Get out and wait for the enemy agents to drive up the ramp. Place a high explosive on the ramp to destroy it. It will cause the enemy agents to be stuck there.

Observe the map: At the IML Link where you started, nearby are two laser turrets which attack everything. Avoid them. On either side are the mission objectives with Minigun guards. The larger compound has two flying cars (green APC). A Zealot temple is tucked away near a small mountain range with bridge only access. An Epidermis Upgrade Version 1 is inside the building nearer the edge of the cityscape. A Police truck with two Uzi gunners is moving about the island roads (if not trapped or destroyed already) and many Police on foot with Uzi keeping the peace. An elevated carpark which had a mob of Unguided shooting cars and police but the cars and Unguided should be all destroyed now.

Need guns: Kill any Police on foot and take their Uzi. Drive to the compound which only has four guards and kill them all. The smaller compound has uzi equipped guard near the gate and minigun patrols. Kill the threats then move to the large compound and kill the guards. The gate guards of the larger compound have miniguns and the patrols have Uzi. Don't persuade the Scientists just yet. Use one agent each to steal the two flying cars and park them outside the compound and away from the laser turrets. Drive the road car out and park away from the turrets.

Turret time: Group your agents and take a flying car and hover near the laser turrets. Use miniguns to destroy them both. When the turrets ae ready to blow up move your flying vehicle away from it, but still in range of your miniguns as to stop any electro magnetic pulse (EMP) from damaging your vehicle.

Zealot bad day: Fly across the mountain range (avoid the carpark with enemy agents - do not kill them) and hover near the Zealot building. Shoot briefly at them and they should attack your flying car. Kill the zealots with concentrated fire. Retreat if your vehicle health gets below a quarter (or land). Once the Zealots are dead, gather up any weapons. Make sure to pick up the suitcase which was dropped to acquire funds. Use the best cyber-modded agent to pick up the brown suitcase laying on the ground inside the building. It is an Epidermis Upgrade.

Police and persuade: Kill any Police remaining on the map and persuade most or all the civilians (you can fly above them at speed - hence kill the cops first). Get inside a flying vehicle with all your brainwashed civilians and then go land at the large compound. Exit and walk away from the car so that the civilians follow your agent. When they are milling about quickly run to the flying car and take off leaving all the persuaded bunch behind and trapped in the compound.

Enemy becoming: Fly your persauder agent to the elevated carpark and land next to the enemy agent's vehicle on the side furthest from the enamy agents. Land and get out. Jump back in the flying car until the two enemy agents approach and expend all their energy firing their Miniguns. Jump out and run to one of the enemy and persuade him. Run back to your flying car and get inside. Wait until your energy level is full and go get the other agent.

Science guys: Fly to each compound and persuade the Scientists as per usual. Evacuate to the IML Link just by flying there.

End Mission: Make sure to get the Disruptors, Epidermis Upgrade and the cash. Persaude all civilians from 100cr each alive at mission termination.

Alternatives: Ignore the big fight at the elevated carparks (but you must get a vehicle to gain access to the compounds unless you use a High Explosive) since the two agents you could acquire have nothing of value (no body mods and just a minigun each) since this will also save you one High Explosive which is more expensive than what you get in return.

New: 4xUzi, 3xMinigun, 4xDisruptor, 2xAgent (2xMinigun, No body mods), Epidermis Upgrade Version 1, money.

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