Mercenary Camp (1993)

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Mercenary Camp
Mercenary Camp briefing screen.png
Briefing screen
Location Western Europe
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission -
Next mission The Milk Run

Mercenary Camp is the first mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Western Europe.


Mercenary Camp.


Intelligence reports have indicated that an army colonel is stealing resources from your weapons division and using them to equip his mercenaries.

His base has been set up just outside one of our citires and the populace have reported disturbances caused by his troops.

Your squad will be deployed near the entrace to the camp. Their objective is to eliminate the colonel.

Defence update:

Surveillance reports show that the camp is guarded by about five militia armed with both shotguns and pistols.

Target update:

The colonel is believed to stay in the northern most building of the camp. If he becomes aware of your presence he may decide to withdraw. He must not be allowed to escape.


A single agent could infiltrate the camp and assassinate the target quite easily. It is important to note that whilst a shotgun is devastating as a close in weapon it is seriously outranged by the pistol and so provision should be made for both of these weapons to be used to their best potential. It is also advised that a similarly equipped agent be kept outside the camp for backup if needed.


This mission is very simple and serves as an introduction to the game, and all you need to do is kill two people. The pistols your agents are already equipped with are more than enough firepower, so don't worry about buying additional weapons beforehand. Just follow the blips on your radar to find the targets and shoot them. To make sure your shots are as fast as possible you can enable panic mode by clicking both mouse buttons simutaneously, which pumps your agents full of drugs to maximise their reflexes. Panic mode doesn't last forever, but it also increases your agent's walking speed so you'll have enough time to kill everyone on the map before it runs out.

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