Mercenary Camp (2012)

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Mercenary Camp
Mercenary Camp loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
Location Saint Denis downzone, Western Europe
Syndicate co-operative campaign
Previous mission -
Next mission The Alleyway

Mercenary Camp is the first co-operative mission in Syndicate. It is located in Western Europe and is the only playable map in the demo. The mission involves the four Wulf Western agents infiltrating a mercenary camp to assassinate its leader, Colonel Gabron, in a reimagining of the first mission of the original Syndicate. As a reward for completing the mission on any difficulty, the player unlocks the breaching application Squad Heal.


Agents, the Cayman Global Syndicate is trying to steal shares from our Western Europe market. They are setting up military bases to enforce their position. This is not acceptable and we need to teach them a lesson. We are deploying you outside of their main base in the area and your orders are to eliminate their commanding officer, Colonel Gabron.

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