Missing Link

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Missing Link
Location Christchurch
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Forbidden Knowledge
Next mission Dark Angels In The Architecture
The Hive

Missing Link is the twelfth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Christchurch.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Christchurch: Despatch a team of agents immediately. Locate and secure the trans-polar IML Link.

Fortuitous greetings, Executive [Player].

It seems that shortly before Harbinger penetrated UTOPIA, Vissick was engaged in a top secret R&D program in Reykjavik. The program's objective was the design of a machine capable of amplifying human cognitive abilities to levels beyond those of AIs. Apparently, the team got further than the design stage. They actually built a device. However, the scientists you persuaded acted only as ancillary technicians to the main project team and so were unable to tell us much more.

The ten key members of the team were known collectively as the Cybernetic Cognition Conference or C3. Chief among them was Ko-Paull Vissick. All C3 members were taken from EuroCorp's R&D elite.

At this time, they all remain unaccounted for.

News of the failure of the Reykjavik IML Link last month, now appears to have been engineered to provide the project team with maximum security. The C3, meanwhile, secretly commissioned its own trans-polar IML Link from Christchurch. Apparently, this was completed very recently. Secure this IML LInk [sic] for our use.



The Mission

Need: 4xLauncher, 4xLR Rifle, 1xPersaudertron

Observe the map: temples either side at start with a fast moving civilian at the bigger one, turrets scattered around city with razorwire traps (dead civilians), Zealots near evacuation point, moderate vehicle traffic, moderate civilian traffic, light Police presence. bak on corner next to two adjacent turrets.

Temple one: Move towards the small temple and allow the Zealots to attack. Kill them.

Flying: wait around and three Zealot flying vehicles will attack one at a time. when one dies, another will spawn after ten seconds realtime near the road closest to the target IML Link and come flying to you.

Temple two: move to larger temple and hit and run attacks on the Zealots to draw them out. Kill the civilian loitering around to get the clone shield

Clearout: move up to evacuation point along the edge of the map to avoid the bank. hit and run to draw out laucher zzealots, kill others.

Agents: avoid the bank building by a range of LR rifles. persuade everyone kill cops. run to bank and agents rush out. let them shoot civilians when you wait for energy to recharge to be able to persuade all.

end mission.

new: 4xelectron mace, 4xuzi, 4xlauncher, 1xcloneshieled, 4xagents (1xyellowhair = pulselaser, minigun, all body mods ver 1) (2xredhair = pulselaser, all body mods ver2) (1xbrownhair = pulselaser, all body mods ver1), money


The bank in this mission is in the process of being robbed by opposing agents. Kill them and take the cash briefcases from their corpses, totalling 2,000,000 credits.


There are agents at the bank, but you might need to kill them to claim the cash they are carrying.

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