Open Re-Bullion

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Open Re-Bullion
Location Singapore
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Where Is Wisdom?
Lost Minds
Next mission Phoenix In Flames

Open Re-Bullion is the fifth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Singapore.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Singapore: Deliver bullion car to evac zone.

[Player], your report is interesting. A number of the most highly qualified R&D staff EuroCorp has ever had at its disposal remain unaccounted for, so we must learn their current whereabouts and activities. It is possible that they are working for a splinter syndicate. I will continue to monitor all channels for additional information.

A more immediate problem demands your attention at this time. Singaporean security corporation Tang Assurance has foolishly decided to declare the city independent. As a consequence, bullion is to be be moved under armed escort, from the central bank vault to Tang's headquarters. There is no time to destroy the bank, as Tang operatives will arrive there before your agents. However, this presents us with the opportunity to hijack the armoured convoy before it reaches its destination.



The Mission

Need: 1xMinigun

Useful: 1xPersaudertron

Observe the map: A sparse island map connected together with roadway or foot bridge. Map starts at the IML Link at the northest corner with two enemy agents nearby, west along the road next to the mission objective is a hoard of enemy agents (some are asleep) and neutral Guards with military vehicles and a Bullfrog truck which is the mission objective. Scattered around the cityscape are lone enemy agents patrolling and in the southwest corner is a stronghold of enemy. Few civilians on foot but vehicle traffic is moderate.

New toys: The two enemy agents (LR Rifle) next to your position must be quickly killed before they have a chance to reload. Pick up the weapons (do not give to Minigun holder) and wait until your agents heal. Note: since LR Rifles have not been researched, you could lose all your energy for the agent shooting the weapon which could be dangerous if it is also your minigunner. Move west and use the rifles to kill the enemy agents (Minigun) that are moving. Do not shoot the stationary agents (Uzi, Minigun) standing near the large green APC. Once you kill one, they will group and attack. Pick up Miniguns and kill the three Guards (Minigun) which approach the Bullfrog truck. If they take the truck you fail the mission.

Grand theft truck: Take the truck with all agents and drive it to the evacuation point. If a civilian vehicle is blocking your evacuation point, just wait until it moves. Mission complete but do not end it.

New friends: Persaude all the civilians at eastern and western part of the city but do not approach the stronghold or any agents which are on patrol. Return to the bank and persuade the five stationary and asleep enemy agents. If you cannot take them, persuade more civilians. Wait for your energy reserves to replenish. Move south behind the bank, cross the foot bridge and run at the lone agent (Minigun). If you are held back due to Minigun fire, quickly enable shields to persuade him. Move south towards more foot bridges and cross them both but stop just before the end of the second one. The lone enemy agent (Minigun) will shoot at you but cannot hit you since the bridge ramp is in the way. Wait until his energy levels are exhausted then persuade him. Use this same bridge blocking tactic on the final lone enemy agent (Minigun).

Suicidal end mission: Make sure the "Mission Complete" is available before doing this since you must end the mission before your vehicle blows up. Take a vehicle which has full(est) health with your persuading agent but keep your other three away because you do not want to kill any of the ten enemy agents (Minigun). Once your large group of brainwashed automatons are in the vehicle, drive south towards the stronghold and park your vehicle under the northeastern street light which is just inside the fenceline. When done right you will persuade the enemy agent standing guard on your side of the road as you approach and then the enemy agent standing next to the streetlight. You cannot persuade any more since your agent energy level should be zero. When you drive in you will be attacked and your vehicle will be destroyed. You MUST end the mission before the health on your vehicle reaches zero, hits the road and blows up.

New: 3xMinigun, 2xLR Rifle, 10xAgents (3xUzi, 7xMinigun, No Body Mods)

Alternatives: Kill all instead of acquiring new agents. Immediately after killing the enemy agent threats at the bank regardless if planning to persuade, rush in and take the Bullfrog truck. If you don't shoot the Guards, then will stay neutral.

Special: Agent Wu is present.


The bank in this mission is empty, but by hijacking the convey as per the mission you gain 1,000,000 credits.


There are numerous agents in this mission, but most of them are too tightly grouped together to survive persuading.

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