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Persuadertron 1.png
Armoury shot
Cost 5,000
Range 256
Syndicate Wars
Persuadertron 2.png
Armoury shot
Cost 15,000
Weapon power 0/8
Range 0/8
Energy cons. 0/8
A short range weapon that fires a small dose of chemical which renders the target totally open to suggestion. When hit, victims momentarily turn blue, lose all free will and follow the agent who fired around the mission zone like sheep. Civilians are always open to persuasion, and you need to persuade varying numbers of civilians before the Persuadertron has any effect on guards, police or enemy agents. Also, the effects of the Persuadertron are multiplied depending upon the version brain installed in the cyborg using it.
—Manual description, Syndicate
A standard issue utility for seizing the higher level brain functions of citizens equipped with UTOPIA CHIPs. Although very low power and lightweight, the Persuadertron's historical significance should not be under-estimated, as it was instrumental in bringing about EuroCorp's global domination. Persuaded subjects follow the controlling agent without question, to the extent of equipping themselves for combat and engaging in hostilities without fear.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars

The Persuadertron is equipment in Syndicate and Syndicate Wars. It is a device for persuading individuals against their will.


  • Victims will pick up kinetic or energy-based weapons automatically.
  • Vehicles carry infinite passengers, making them ideal for moving your victims around safely.
  • You're rewarded 100 credits for every living civilian you have persuaded (1000 for agents) at the end of each mission.
  • Enemies, police, and automated laser cannons will kill victims on sight.
  • Large crowds can be effective for concentrated attacks, but dangerous against flying vehicles.
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