Phoenix In Flames

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Phoenix In Flames
Location Phoenix
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Open Re-Bullion
Next mission Sack of Rome

Phoenix In Flames is the sixth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Phoenix.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Phoenix: Penetrate the defences of the cult's temple and steal technology secrets.

The Church of the New Epoch is deploying increasingly sophisticated weaponry, designed using proprietary technologies completely new to our R&D department. We want to acquire more examples of this technology, analysis of which will prove useful in determining who is behind the Cult and how best to combat its influence.

According to correlative netscans and satellite sweeps, the Cult has established a major operational centre in Phoenix, where Harbinger has completely corrupted the resident UTOPIA AI, enabling an almost complete overthrow of EuroCorp authority. Senior cultists, to whom converts refer as "acolytes", take recently converted zealots on intensive indoctrination and training. The newly converted zealot's efficiency is tempered in the carnage wrought by the thousands of citizens who became Unguided, in the aftermath of the viral attack.

Make your way to the temple and look for anything that can explain more to us.




  • Shaker: The vehicle the Scientist drives will sometimes shake about instead of allowing the person to exit. The only way to avoid this error is to stop it from happening or restart the mission when (not if) it does happen if you want to persuade the Scientist.
  • Traffic: Civilian traffic sometimes gets stuck and causes a traffic blockage. Destroying one or both of the vehicles which caused the stoppage will resume traffic flow until it happens again. Just be careful of falling buildings from the destroyerd cars.

The Mission

Need: Nothing

Useful: 1xPersuadertron, 2xLR Rifles.

Act fast but do not enable drug enhancement or weapons. Run one agent and steal the light brown vehicle parked just outside of the IML Link in the carpark and next to a building (the bank) then leave him there. Group the other three agents and run them up to the east side of the bank building. Unguided will drop three High Explosives. Pick them up. Look around the northern part of the city for a small green APC vehicle. You must steal that vehicle when it is parked at the northeastern carpark. The scientist inside will take a stroll and must not get back inside it. To stop the scientist getting back in, just sit an agent inside the vehicle. Note: if the green vehicle is stuck in a traffic jam, ignore it since the scientist is going nowhere.

Observe the map: A populated map with many civilians on foot and in cars, Police on foot, in cars and in trucks. A moderate Unguided presence throughout the northern part of the cityscape and a floating Zealot temple with mission objective in the central area. A large compound with light Guard defense on the western edge of the city and a automotive dealership located in the southern commercial district. A bank (possibly destroyed now) near the IML Link and near one of numerous carparks. A scientist travelling in a small military vehicle between a carpark in the northeast corner and the compound.

Guns and Abandonment: Do not leave the vehicles unattended since the owner will take it back. Drive the green vehicle to the bank and park on the road away from the patrolling Zealots (Minigun and Disruptor). There are corpses of Police (Minigun) and Unguided (Uzi) all around so collect three Minigun and Uzi before the Scientist comes back to the car. The fourth agent is stuck in the brown vehicle since the owner should be trying to get back in. Leave him there. Drive the green vehicle (ignore the Zealots) to the compound with Guards (Minigun) and gun down all of them. Park the vehicle and leave it there for the remainder of the mission. Use the fourth agent to drive the brown car to your group of three. Pick up another Minigun and leave the place. Note: this whole step can be skipped if the Scientist is stuck in a traffic jam.

Cleanup: Enable Red enhancement and Miniguns and move about the city killing the Unguided stragglers and any Police which get in the way. Police from the trucks carry an Ion Mine. Do not kill the Scientist if he is walking around the city. Kill the patrolling Zealots (Minigun and Disruptor) out on the street but avoid getting swarmed. Move towards the opening of the temple grounds and gun down the Zealots (Electron Mace) as they approach. Move your four agents under the metal mesh platform and use the LR Rifle to attract the attention of those Zealots further inside the temple complex. Once all Zealots are dead do not move. Destroy the flying car (two Zealots with Electron Mace) but avoid the vehicle as it drops since it may destroy the platform when crashing.

Get it gone: Pick up the briefcase and make your way to the IML Link to evacuate. Do not end the mission.

Dollar signs: Check the city roads for any traffic jams. Destroy the blockage but if vehicles are banked up on the road next to the bank (which should not be destroyed), destroy the cars adjacent to the bank building. It is possible that the exploding cars will topple the building. If no traffic jams, steal any vehicles nearby and destroy them when they are parked next to the bank. More cars are available from the dealership in the southern part of the city. Collect the suitcases when ready.

Brainpower: The Scientist should be milling bout the city somewhere. Just persuade the fellow but avoid any fires.

End Mission: Fill up your agents with whatever can be sold back at base.

Alternatives: The Scientist will drive between the compound and a carpark and get out for a walkabout. You can steal the green vehicle when he is at the compound and leave it outside somewhere. He will be stuck there but he will be safe. BUG: if the Scientist drives out as usual and then later on returns to the compound, the shaker error will happen. Get the Scientist trapped either outside the compound or inside but do not persuade him until the end since the Zealot flying car could kill him if he is allied (ie: persuaded).

New: 4xUzi, 4xMinigun, 4xElectron Mace, 4xDisruptor, +3xHigh Explosive, 1xScientist, Money.


The bank on this mission contains cash.


There is one scientist that can be persuaded in this mission.

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