Pulse Laser

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Pulse Laser
Armoury shot
Cost 35,000
Ammo 5
Range 4,096
Shot 2,000
Syndicate Wars
Pulse Laser.png
Armoury shot
Cost 37,000
Weapon power 4/8
Range 5/8
Energy cons. 1/8
Small rifle that turns uses laser light to form a beam of high powered energy that cuts through its targets and anyone or anything foolish enough to get in the way. Extremely powerful with a very long range. Ideal anti-vehicle weapon and also effective for sniping.
—Manual description, Syndicate
This laser makes use of the base TriSodium 89 gas (developed circa -20 NC). The weapon can be overcharged by delaying trigger release. In critical close quarters situations, a single overcharged burst of laser fire may be hot enough to disintegrate its target.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars
Our scribes have developed an effective weapon based on the conventional laser. TriSodium 89 is injected in the pulse laser's firing chamber where it is lased electrically. The pressure of the gas in the firing chamber can be raised by holding down the trigger, overcharging the weapon and making it more effective in the process.
Church of the New Epoch armoury description, Syndicate Wars

The Pulse Laser (previously abbreviated to Laser) is equipment in Syndicate and Syndicate Wars. It is a chargeable weapon which disintegrate its target.

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