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Location Honolulu
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Deep Mind
Bring Him Back Alive
Next mission The Special Agent

Re-Alignment is the sixteenth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Honolulu.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hawaii: Your mission is to provide security for a meeting with EuroCorp Honolulu personnel.

Congratulations, [Player]. Good to be in communication with you again.

Drennan is safely back and undergoing neural re-calibration. In his short time with the Church of the New Epoch, the professor managed to learn more about the Nine and what they have planned for us. As soon as he stops dribbling, we'll ask him what he knows.

In the meantime, we have received a message from the Honolulu AI. Honolulu AI wishes to confirm an allied status with EuroCorp. It has never supported enemies of London AI's strategy, nor is it carrying the Harbinger virus. It is ready to transfer all its resources to EuroCorp's absolute command. Our people and theirs will meet and exchange protocol keys. Security during the proceedings is your responsibility.




  • Critical game crashing bug. When using a tank to fight other tanks, the game will crash when the enemy blows up. To avoid the crash, fight at usual in the tank to tank combat but exit your tank and engage the enemy with handheld weapons to destroy the enemy vehicle.


One scientist is available.


A version 4 epidermis can be found on the body of a dead agent close to the parked tanks.

The Mission

Need: 3xLR Rifle, 3xLauncher, 4xIon Mine, 1xNuclear Grenade, 1x Razor Wire.

Useful: 1xPersuadertron

Agent 3 will be the guard for the executives so do not equip the needed weapons for this one agent. Note: if any of the executives or allied agents follow another agent also, press R to restart the mission (does not work on Mortal Game) to have them only folow Agent 3. After the cutscene, run the agent carrying the nuclear grenade down the ramp and get ready to throw one up the road so that the Zealots which rush you are caught in the explosion. Run back up the ramp. Shoot those remaining after the explosion.

Observe the map: Your agents are protecting four civilians and allied agents. The cityscape contains elevated sections of commercial districts, an ex-Eurocorp base, a water treatment plant all connected together with roadlike channels (streets) and ramps. There are no roads and no civilian traffic on foot with only transport being the IML Link. A tank is patrolling on a street nearby your ramp and it crosses an intersection. If you pass this intersection you trigger an Unguided invasion. A Eurocorp base in the southwest containing three tanks, one Zealot flying vehicle, one scientist and dead agents is presently over-run with many Zealots. One of the Eurocorp dead has an Epidermis Upgrade (version 4). Unguided are occupying some buildings next to the evacuation point in the southeastern areas. If you get close to them they will rush. Zealots are patrolling a middle section in the east and have a flying car as protection in the northesatern parts.

Destroy the tank: Use the agent with the Ion Mines to place one near, but not in the intersection. Place a second Ion Mine closer to your ramp by about one tank length. Wait for the Tank (Electron Mace) to blow up. Note: if the tank has less than half health caused from a Nuclear Grenade, it might only need one Ion Mine.

Kill 1st ambush: Use the Razor Wire to make a thick, tight zigzag pattern (about 50 lines or more in a north-south orientation) on the east-west road which the tank was driving along (do not enter the intersection with your agent and it helps to start fom the intersection and place the zigzag all the way to your ramp since it is easier to replace missing strands). Place the zigzag so it crosses three-quarters of the width of this road and leave a narow strip free of any Razor Wire on the southside. Use an agent to enter the intersection to trigger the Unguided (Minigun, Pulse Laser, Electron Mace) invasion force which will rush you from the north edge of the map, on the road. Run your agent down the strip not containing Razor Wire back to safety. Change to weapons and wait for the Unguided to all die.

Kill 2nd ambush: Repair and re-inforce the zigzag and then move an agent to the other intersection. Zealots (Electron Mace, Psycho Gas) from the middle eastern section, Unguided (Minigun, Pulse Laser, LR Rifle) from the southern edge of the map, and some Zealots (Electron Mace, Launcher, LR Rifle) from the Eurocorp base will rush you immediately. Avoid the Psycho Gas and run back to your ramp (don't get slowed down by the Razor Wire) and get ready for another slaughterfest. Kill any that get through the trap with your LR Rifles and Launchers.

Kill 3rd ambush: Repair and re-inforce the zigzag. Use one agent carrying a LR Rifle to move to the Unguided buildings. Approach the lone feral standing guard near the road and shoot him (does not matter for a kill). An Unguided (Minigun, Pulse Laser) force appears from the buildings and will rush. Immediately run back to safety (remember the Razor Wire) and cleanup any remaining Unguided with your LR Rifles and Launchers.

Evacuate: Make sure the Unguided don't exist on the map and the Zealots are dead from the middle section. Group your agents together and move to the evacuation point by running short sections at a time (which makes the civilians run). Do not end the mission once you complete the main objective. Once "Mission Complete" is prompted, do not end the mission. The executives and allied agents can die with no penalty now.

Kill 4th ambush: Return your four agents back to your ramp. Repair and re-inforce the Razor Wire zigzag. Use a single agent, move to the Eurocorp base and approach the ramp. When the two Zealot (Electron Mace) guards activate, shoot them dead with Launchers. Move up the ramp. When moving under the IML elevated railway, it will trigger a rush. All the remaining Zealots (Electron Mace, LR Rifle) in this section will swarm, sometimes including a tank. Run back to safety and use your LR Rifles and Launcher to cleanup those who made it through the Razor Wire. Sometimes the tank may get stuck on the steep slopes of the roadways but if not, use Ion Minaes and wait for it to blow up. Note: The tank will always target one agent. You can move the other agents past the threat without problem. Place Ion Mines beneath the tank to destroy it (or keep the targeted agent away and destroy the tank with the other agents using Launchers).

Epidermis: Move to the Eurocorp base and select the agent which does not have an Epidermis Upgrade to pick up the suitcase. The suitcase is on the ground, out in the open, on the north-easternmost corpse. The other dead agents (Minigun) have nothing of value.

Cleanup: Group your four agents and pick up a fourth Launcher and LR Rifle then take the flying vehicle nearby the tanks. Fly to the middle eastern section, land, and gun down the Zealot (Electron Mace) standing guard of the northeast section. The Zealot flying car (Electron Mace) will attack and most of the enemy will approach your position. Destroy the flying vehicle before you get swarmed by the other Zealots (LR Rifle). The two remaining Zealots (Electron Mace, Launcher, Satellite Rain) will continue talking with the civilian. Fly over their heads and kill them. Note: do not enable Blue drug enhancement if there are any executives or allied agents present. Your own agents will shoot at them instead of any enemy and waste energy. Once the two ramining Zealots are dead along with the civilian, land and take the Satellite Rain.

Scientist: The city has no more threats. The single Scientist which was standing near the squad of Zealots in the beginning of the mission will escape to one of the small western buildings and hide. Search each one with an equipped persaudertron.

End Mission: Make sure to have the Satellite Rain. Pick up any weapons to sell. You can drive the tanks around and destroy buildings.

Alternatives: Destroy a tank by using your agents which is not targeted instead of using two Ion Mines. Use High Explosives instead of Nuclear Grenades to save on costs (but since money is no object this late in the game...) Using 1x Clone Shield: Avoid the fight from Eurocorp base by using a single agent with Clone Shield to pick up the skin.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 1xLR Rifle, 1xLauncher, +1xPsycho Gas, 1xSatellite Rain, Epidermis Ver4, 1xScientist.

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