Sack of Rome

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Sack of Rome
Location Rome
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Phoenix In Flames
Next mission Body Matters

Sack of Rome is the seventh EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Rome.


Ref:6 32/06 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Rome: All category U citizens must be completely eliminated, in order to send the message to other Harbinger victims that EuroCorp will maintain control.

Prevent emergence of independent syndicate by annihilating the local garrison.

Well met, [Player].

Harbinger has been particularly effective in Rome. With its passing, a tide of chaos is breaking on the streets. Unguided gather and turn to the destruction of the city, block by block.

The former EuroCorp security garrison has sealed itself off, while the agent stationed there attempts to regain control of the local, virus-ridden AI. However, the conditions leave the garrison's vault vulnerable. Neutralise all garrison personnel.



5000cr: Garrison Vault (underground): Estimated value 0.4MCr

10000cr: Satellite Alert: control of Rome's Strategic Defence Satellite has been lost to hostile forces unknown.



The bank in this mission contains 400,000 credits.


There are numerous agents in this mission you must kill them all. Do not persuade any enemy agents.

The Mission

Need: 2xLR Rifles

Don't move. Be careful of the Police flying car which will be blown out of the sky. High Explosives will detonate when impacting. Destroy the lone Unguided which will attack.

Observe the map: The southern part of the cityscape has the IML Link and an Unguided multilevel stronghold with some water. A motorbike is occupied nearby some small buildings. The eastern part has a flying ambulance and a police station with a carpark, two Police road vehicles with a third occuupied with guards. The Police are not your enemy unless you shoot them. The central city block has a mob of Unguided with three patrolling the streets. A Zealot concentration near some water treatment facility. A green APC vehicle with enemy agents is moving about the ring road. The western part has another Unguided mutlilevel stonghold with a small collection of buildings in the northwest corner and a lone unguided with Minigun and High Explosive. A large ex-Eurocorp stronghold with patrolling agents, stationary gun placements and a bank in the eastern most part next to a road. Three vehicles in the carpark with the smaller APC with enemy agents. Two large road APCs are availiable for use.

Unguided redirection: Move out, pick up the Minigun, and then go towards the southern Unguided stronghold. Suddenly a building across the road will explode. Cross the road only when the enemy agents inside their green APC are far away (keeping your distance from the Zealots) and kill the roaming Minigun Unguided. Another building very close detonates on the elevated plateau. There are three roaming ferals which carry bombs so be ready to grab them. The ambulance will fly across the middle section and be destroyed when passsing near the Zealots. Pick up the medikit which drops but avoid the crashing flying car. The motorbike will be attacked if you approach it. Kill the Unguided before they destroy it without annoying the Unguided at the nearby multilevel stronghold. Destroy the vehicle that the enemy agents are crusiing in and pick up the Pulse Lasers. Move towards the central Unguided holdout and kill the minigunner ferals as they rush out.

Retraining: Move towards the Police station and as your agents get near, some Guards with Flamers will attack the Police with Pulse Lasers standing guard. It is possible that the third Unguided with bomb is milling about the rear of the building. Leave the Flamers for now.

Zealots: Approach the ramp leading to the Zealot mob and just shoot at them to get their attention. Kill them as they approach. Leave the four Electron Mace until later.

Unguided west: Move towards the northwest corner but avoid the explosions. Kill the last roaming Unguided and pick up the bomb. Move close to the multilevel Unguided stronghold nearby and shoot any available targets with the LR Rifle. Move around the compound but don't enter just yet. To kill off the remaining Unguided, run in and up onto the upper levels. Avoid the Knockot Gas that the female throws to the lower levels. Pick up the LR Rifle and the Knockout Gas. Note: The gate to the ex-Eurocorp compound will blow up soon after via an invisible Ion Mine. The vehicle pass by and blow up thus, destroying the gate in the process.

Unguided south surprise: Move all agents to the edge of the road north of the southeast Unguided multilevel stronghold. Walk a single agent into the first raised level and then quickly run off and join your other agents. Avoid the Satelite Rain. Once it has stopped equip LR Rifles kill the remaining Unguided. If all have died from the explosions be ready for the spiders. Concentrate fire on the two spiders that spawn near the water. Keep your distance since rifles outreach lasers. Kill them both and be ready for the enemy agents. When the Satelite Rain started, a green APC approached from the ex-Eurocorp compound. Kill any immediate threats. Note: if the motorbike remained intact, one of the spiders will destroy it and take heavy damage from it exploding so close possibly knocking down some buildings and then hopefully blowing up.

Unwise ways: All the ex-Eurocorp agents must die. You cannot acquire any! If you do, you will have a radar contact as your persuaded new agent. Hit and run with LR Rifles and Pulse Laser. All enemy have Pulse Lasers so stay out of range. Kill all the patrolling agents except the lone agent near the red stationary contacts (the laser turrets). Destroy the bank by parking the APCs and police cars next to the bank. Shoot the vehicles until the building topples then just take the money and kill the lone agent. Destroy the turrets with three LR Rifle hits. Collect the new item which this last agent dropped.

End Mission: once there are no threats on the map (Police excepted), collect anything to sell.

Alternatives: Kill the Police just because you can. You don't need to destroy the turrets. Destroy the bank with a single High Explosive at the top of the middle set of stairs if vehicles are unavailable.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 4xFlamer, 1xLR Rifle, +4xHigh Explosive, +1xKnockout Gas, 1xMedikit, 1xCerberus IFF

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