Satellite Rain

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Satellite Rain
Syndicate Wars
Satellite Rain.png
Armoury shot
Cost 105,000
Weapon power 8/8
Range 7/8
Energy cons. 1/8
Every satellite in UTOPIA's network of geo-synchronous orbital platforms is equipped with a stockpile of tungsten-uranium alloy rods on a steerable mounting. When these rods are launched, the process of atmospheric re-entry heats them to the point at which they liquefy, producing a plasma rain with true battlefield potential. We can now successfully over-ride the system lockouts triggered by Harbinger. By transmitting re-initialisation protocols, the system can be placed at your agents' disposal. This can be done using a hand-held activator but caution should be exercised; the cost of firing this system is extremely high.
EuroCorp armoury description, Syndicate Wars
We can acquire launch codes for many of the geo-stationary satellites which hang above our planet but the computing costs involved in cracking the Syndicate's encrypted security lock-outs are high. When you activate a strike, within a few seconds, the nearest satellite will target your designated position and fire down bolts of tungsten-uranium alloy which superheat in the atmosphere and cause massive destruction throughout the area.
Church of the New Epoch armoury description, Syndicate Wars

Satellite Rain is equipment in Syndicate Wars. It causes a series of explosions to occur, guided by the user's location when activated.

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