Scum Patrol

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Scum Patrol
Location Kazakhstan
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission Clean Sweep
Next mission ?

Scum Patrol is the first part of the sixth mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Kazakhstan.


Scum Patrol.

Combat sweep.

A nearby city has just fallen into anarchy, with the untimely death of the mayor. Even though this was nothing to do with us, we feel that the good citizens of the city require our support and understanding at this terrible time.

Other syndicates also seem to have the same idea however.

Your squad is to peform a sweep through the city, to clear out any of the enemy syndicate slime.

Syndicate update:

At least three enemy squads have been sighted in the area. With any luck, they will all be gunning for each other as well, so you won't have much to worry about them.


Let them fight it out amongst themselves. Keep your squad together and just try to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Bide your time and just defend yourselves until most of the enemy has died, before mopping up the rest of the opposition. Automatics with a few long range support weapons are called for in this one. As it could be a long mission, you would be well advised to take a few medikits as well.

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