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Executive Alert briefing screen.png
Briefing screen
Location Cairo
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission -
Next mission Exodus

Slowdive is a EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Cairo.


Ref:17 05/09 74NC Brief

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Cairo: Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo.


5000cr - Eavesdrop: significant cult presence throughout city - no Police response.

15000cr: Eavesdrop: Foamsteel Defense Industries executives scheduled to meet cultists - reason unknown.


The Mission

Need: 4xLauncher, 4xLR Rifle, 3xNuclear Grenade.

Useful: 4xIon Mine

Walk, don't run out of the Stasis Field. Click both mouse buttons to enter panic mode. Kill the four Zealots then remove drugs to heal. Pick up the Electron Mace.

Observe the map: The city is divided in two by a river (Nile river?) with access between the two sides via road bridge and IML Link elevated tramway only. The south side has a small road ramp and two concentrations of Zealots. There are two Cerberus IFF turrets hidden underside comercial buildings with a Zealot flying car and an unoccupied flying APC vehicle. The southwest corner has the executives from Foamsteel meeting a yellow-cape Zealot, with defense provided by both sides including vehicles. Across the river, Zealots on foot concentrated in the commercial districts with Spider support at a storage building with many explosive barrels and at a highrise complex. Zealot APC vehicle at a carpark and two tanks patrolling the roads. The mission objective is in the flying vehicle.

Destroy the tramway: Equip one agent with a Nuclear Grenade and stand right at the edge of the map inline with the end part of the actual tramway. The closer tank (one Zealot with Minigun and High Explosive) to the river must be destroyed from the collapsing railway. The further second tank (two Zealots with Minigun and High Explosive) can be destroyed as well but is not the priority. Destroying the tramway will kill about ten Zealots (Electron Mace, LR Rifle) in the vicinity of the collapse. Note: when watching the closer tank, just right-click on the railway beside it when it is in position to be destroyed. Your agent will throw the grenade regardless.

Kill closer: Group your agents, walk down the bridge across the river but do not touch the pedestrian crossing. If you do, you will trigger a spider attack. Walk to east and engage the Zealots (LR Rifle). Swap weapons between rifles and rockets and kill them before they reload.

Attract trouble: Without touching the pedestrian crossing, shoot at the three Zealots (Electron Mace) on patrol in the commercial district. Kill one to attract their attention and about seven more Zealots (Electron Mace, Launcher) should join in. Be careful of the small building next to your position since it is weakened and may collapse. If any Zealots go around the far side of the building, shooting them may trigger the explosive barrels which also can destroy the building. Kil them all.

Arachnophobia: Move three agents back up the ramp. Keep away from the road ramp but in range for a Nuclear Grenade. Move the remaining agent towards the pedestrian crossing to trigger the spiders into attacking. Once your hear the mechanical servo sound of the spiders run your agent back up the ramp. Equip a Nuclear Grenade and wait for the spiders to be at the start of the ramp. By the time your agent throws the grenade and it explodes, the two spiders should be over the water. They will be both destroyed along with the bridge. Note: you must time this well. If spiders make it across the river or if they don't, keep out of range of their strong Pulse Laser and destroy them with rifles. Since the ramp is now destroyed, you will not get sneak attacks from Zealots nor anyone will be able to escape.

Flying death: The road ramp leading down to the southwestern part of the city can be bypassed if the bridge is destroyed by moving towards the river and walking along the coast. If the road ramp is destroyed, your agents will just walk down alongthe steep ground underneath the roadramp. When your agents get past the end of the ramp (destroyed or not), a flying car with two Zealots (Electron Mace, High Explosive) will activate and attack. Destroy it but avoid the detonating explosives. If a Zealot survives the crash and becomes unconscious, do not shoot him with rockets. Pick up the explosives if available.

Turret ambush: Approach the first Zealot concentration and gun down the Zealot guards (Launcher) standing near the road. All the other Zealot (Electron Mace) will swarm. Lead them away from the building with the Cerberus IFF turrets and kill them all. Position your agents to fire on the turrets and destroy them with three hit from LR Rifle. Another ambush will happen if you approach the green flying car. Six Zealots (Electron Mace) will spawn in a bunch, use Launcher. Take the flying car and move it somewhere away from a building. Avoid damage to this vehicle since it is the only way to get across the river.

Ruin a business deal: Approach the building which has the Zealots (Electron Mace), yellow-cape Zealot (Plasma Lance) and the executives (Pulse Laser). Use a Nuclear Grenade to destroy this structure on their heads. Special note: on the southern side of the road, the building next to the business deal building is a structure with four foundations which sits on an elevated platform. This platoform is textured with beige tiles. Count the tiles from the furthest corner to the Zealot vehicle and stand no closer to the business deal building than 10 tiles from this corner. Any closer and the Zealots and executives will swarm. Throw the Nuclear Grenade at the spot between the car and the business deal building and it should cause a collapse. If the structure topples and kills quite a few enemy, kill off the stragglers from long range including the yellow vehicle occupant (civilian with Pulse Laser). If you cause a rush before you manage to destroy the building, throw the grenade away. Kill off any threats on this part of the cityscape making sure to pick up the Plasma Lance from the corpse of the yellow-cape Zealot and collect the two briefcases, one from yellow-cape and the other from the executive.

Pop the Zealots: Take the flying vehicle and go across the river. Land at the southeastern part of this second half of the cityscape, get out and go kill the Zealots which did not get killed when the tramline collapsed. Note: if you are certain that you have collected the Plasma Lance and the briefcases, you can abandon the flying car. At the IML Link second tram terminal, walk up to the small building across the road and kill off the Zealots in this area but avoid the tank. If the second tank is still on patrol, Blue drug you agents to kill the civilians near the area so they don't trigger Ion Mines later on (Pulse Laser is useful). Place four Ion Mines in a row about one tank length apart. Equip LR Rifles and Blue drug enhancement but don't shoot the tank. When the tank returns it will blow up but the Zealots (Electron Mace, High Explosive) may not die. Quickly move in and kill them with rifle fire (not with Launcher) or avoid any detonating explosives. Flying or not, move further west to the spiders and engage the Zealots (Electron Mace, LR Rifle). Walk a loop around the water nearby here if on foot when fighting the spiders since your rifles have longer range or just fly off and keep out of range of their strong Pulse Laser. If they Zealots south of your position in the commercial district here in the northwest corner don't attack, engage them by hit and run attack whilst flying or running away each time until they are all dead. Note: Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo (the mission objective) may also engage your squad either on foot or flying.

Drop the girl: As you fight across the cityscape, the mission objective Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo (LR Rifle, Stasis Field, Auto-medikit) will fly about to avoid your squad. Eventually she will attack with LR Rifle (or Pulse Laser!) and Stasis Field. Destroy her vehicle if she is flying or kill her along with the yellow-cape Zealot (Plasma Lance) which defends her.

End Mission: evacuate as per usual but don't finish the mission just yet. Make sure you have the Plasma Lance, the Auto-medikit and the Stasis Field. Check the corpses for yellow dots indicating a suitcase. Pick up everything also any weapons selling back at base. Once finalised, end mission.

Alternatives: After the ambush at the start, equip Clone Shields and run to the small building across the road west of the other tram terminal. Standing close to the walls will sometimes cause the Zealots to shoot the building instead. Kill off Zealots as they rush and use hit and run tactics. When killing the second pair of spiders, walk a loop around the water in the northwest corner since rifles outrange lasers. Shoot at the flying car to engage Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo with her Stasis Field if she hasn't joined in already.

At the the very start, you can attack the vehicle with Nuclear Grenade which has the target objective if you rush over towards bridge before it drives off. Your agents will get shot by a Stasis Field as the bridge collapses. The tramline and the bridge can be left intact throughout the whole mission which allows the yellow-cape Zealot and the executive civilian carrying the money to escape in a vehicle each if you engage anyone with the transaction. The Zealot will crash into the second tank, then hide inside the northwesternmost small building. The money carrier civilian will escape to the spiders and barrel-bomb building and stay there. Avoiding the tanks when attacking the Zealots on foot allows you to destroy them later with many Ion Mines (three mines per tank minimum). Kill the spiders if you cannot avoid them with at least four Ion Mines each or lead the away somewhere when shooting rifles as you move.

Although rare, Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo will sometimes land. If you destroy any tank, but the Zealot inside does not die, they will patrol on foot the same waypoints as if they were still in driving.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, +4xHigh Explosive, 2xPlasma Lance, 1xAuto-medikit, 1xStasis Field, Money.


Money dropped by Zealot

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