Snatch and Grab

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Snatch and Grab
Location Mongolia
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission Clean Sweep
Next mission ?

Snatch and Grab is the first part of the sixth mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Mongolia.


Snatch and Grab.

Personnel aquisition.

The notable professor valken is attending a conference in the research labs of a nearby city. He is believed to be the worlds leading authority on cybernetics and so would make an ideal ally for our research and design department.

The research labs are in a seperate complex in the southern sector of the city. Your squad will be deployed in a cooperative chemical plant to the north. Their mission is to <persuade> the professor to join us. Once he has been persuaded, a drop ship will come to pick up the squad. Ensure that all agents are within the pick up zone.

City update:

The city itself is split into two distinct levels. The lower ground level is a slum whilst the upper apartments are quite plush. A monorail runs through the middle of the city and it is believed to be quite reliable.

Target update:

Reports seem to indicate that the research complex is only accessable from the higher street level so finding a way up to the walkways is a very high priority.


A small squad will attract less attention to itself that a larger one. Shotguns should be adequate for dealing with the slums, but when you enter the research complex we cant have any firing in there.

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