Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning
Location Siberia
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission Clean Sweep
Next mission ?

Spring Cleaning is the first part of the sixth mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Siberia.


Spring Cleaning.

Combat sweep.

An up and coming town has just attracted the attention of head office as being a very promising base for our marketing boys to experiment with. It is occupied and defended by several syndicate squads and obviously we cannot move in until they are removed.

Your squad must sweep through the city and wipe out all trace of the enemy scum.

City update:

The city itself is divided in two by a rail line. The only way to cross between the two is by a shuttle train that is very quick and efficient.

Syndicate update:

The latest reports seem to indicate that there are at least three enemy defence squads. We also believe that their spy network knows that we are coming. They will therefore be ready for you and you should expect stiff resistance.


The full squad should be deployed for this one. One or two of the agents should be equipped with support weaponry and drag behind the others when they move. This will allow them to provide cover fire for the front line men. Try to clear the first side of agents before moving the whole squad over to the other side. Do not split your squad between the two halves as they will then be easy pickings for the enemy.

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