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Name Description Value
Syndicated Complete the game on any difficulty 20 G
Business Is War Complete all chapters which track difficulty, on hard difficulty 40 G
All Aboard Complete chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 on normal or hard difficulty 20 G
Campaign: EuroCorp Complete chapters 7 and 8 on normal or hard difficulty 20 G
Campaign: La Ballena Complete chapters 10 and 11 on normal or hard difficulty 20 G
Campaign: Downzone Complete chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15 on normal or hard difficulty 20 G
Welcome to EuroCorp Complete Wakeup Call 5 G
See No Evil Defeat Kris without making him visible using EMP or DART Overlay, on normal or hard difficulty 30 G
Revival Meeting Defeat the final boss without allowing any agent to be revived, on normal or hard difficulty 30 G
Missile Command Breach an entire barrage of five missiles in the Ramon boss fight, on normal or hard difficulty 30 G
Top Marks Achieve a perfect result in all the Tutorial challenges 15 G
Golden Handshake Achieve CEO ranking on any level 5 G
Little Black Book Find all business cards (unlock all the business card infobank entries) 30 G
Wetware Integrity Policy Don't kill any EuroCorp civilians with the minigun in chapter 8 20 G
Gaggle of Guidance Use the Swarm's multi-target lock-on firing mode to kill 3 UAV drones with one volley 5 G
Augmented Reality Kill 3 specters in chapter 14 without using EMP effects on them, on normal or hard difficulty 15 G
Cover Lover Make it past the conveyor belt without taking any damage from the turret 10 G
Make Them Watch Kill Agent Crane before you kill his two sidekicks, on normal or hard difficulty 30 G
Ambassador of Peace Kill enemy soldiers of two different syndicates fast enough to receive a rampage energy bonus 15 G
Mastermind Unlock the Datacore in the minimum number of breaches 5 G
Linked In Obtain a health bonus from network connection links from your upgrade choices (single player only) 5 G
With Friends Like These Kill an enemy from the explosion of a reactive armor unit 15 G
Deny Everything Find all propaganda tags (unlock all propaganda tag infobank entries) 30 G
Every Bullet Counts Defeat Tatsuo without restocking your ammunition from the UAVs, on normal or hard difficulty 30 G
Shocking Kill 3 or more enemies from the electricity discharge of a dying electro armor unit 10 G
Greed is Good Achieve CEO ranking on all chapters which track difficulty, on hard difficulty 35 G
Shield Breaker Successfully sprint tackle 25 riot shield units 10 G
Initiation Complete Complete all Co-Op maps on any difficulty 10 G
High Value Asset Complete all Co-Op maps on expert difficulty 25 G
Initial Public Offering Be a member of a Syndicate consisting of at least 4 people 10 G
Hostile Takeover Defeat an enemy agent squad 10 G
Mace Ace Save a team member that is stunned by an electron mace 5 G
Super Soldier Complete a mission without going down 10 G
Highly Adaptable Kill 4 enemies in 4 different ways within 1 minute 10 G
Field Surgeon Heal 3 team members for at least 50% of their health within 1 minute 10 G
Oh no you don't! Complete 10 Contracts against members of your syndicate 10 G
High Flyer Score a 2,000 points combo 15 G
Employee of the month Complete a mission after earning a team savior score 10 G
In the name of Science Finish your first research 5 G
Application Manager Do 10,000 points of damage and heal or block 10,000 points of damage using applications 20 G
Middle Management 50% completion (level, research and challenges) 50 G
CEO 100% completion (level, research and challenges) 100 G
The Professional Kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game 20 G
Hurt Locker Breach 873 grenades 30 G
Warpath Get the rampage bonus up to 5 sequential kills 5 G
Make It Snappy Kill 50 enemies with melee executions 10 G
Nowhere To Hide Use a penetration weapon to kill 500 enemies through cover, while in DART Overlay 30 G
Half-Millionaire Collect 500,000 energy 30 G
Hacker Use breach abilities 300 times 30 G
Rampageous Do 250 rampage kills/kill streaks 15 G
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