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Tasmanian Liberation Consortium
Tasmanian Liberation Consortium logo.png
Type Global syndicate
When they exported criminals to Australia in the 18th Century, the Brits couldn't know what they'd started. Crime was a genetic certainty, and Australian youths were taught the finer points of maiming and slaughter at their mother's breasts. Unfortunately, a lifetime spent intoxicated meant that Australian criminals didn't succeed as well as their international rivals. The Tao easily established a foothold in Australasia and a lifetime of saki and sushi looked imminent.
Then, in the Great Lager Rebellion of 2140, there was an uprising led by the Tasmanian Liberation Consortium. From their hydro-electric power-generating island base they cut off the electricity to the mainland, stunning Tao executives who could no longer operate their game consoles. They surged across the Bass Strait like beer from a barrel and drove the Tao from Australia to re-establish the Barby as the Australian national pastime.
With a fortune made from exporting weak, fizzy lager worldwide to spend on research, the TLC gained influence and were soon second only to the Tao itself as a world power. Their agents tend to be wayward in their aim, mainly because their executive controllers are always drunk, so civilian casualties are high. But TLC agents have no real sadistic streak, and only turn nasty when denied access to Vegemite.
—Manual description, Syndicate

The Tasmanian Liberation Consortium (TLC) is an organisation in Syndicate.

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