Taken To Taks

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Taken To Taks
Location New York
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Body Matters
Next mission Forbidden Knowledge

Taken To Taks is the tenth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in New York.


Ref:9 01/08 74NC Brief

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


New York: Persuade Jennifer Taks.

Fortuitous greetings, Executive [Player].

Your presence is required in New York. Several North American corporations have united locally under the banner of the New Atlantic Alliance (NAA). The rapid development of this syndicate is remarkable, given the devastation of UTOPIA communication systems.

It appears that one of our former media chiefs, Jennifer Taks, is using her privileged access to the Global News Network to locate scientists for the NAA. Ms Taks seems to be having considerable success with this endeavour. We want her and we want to know where to find these scientists.

Despatch a team to New York and infiltrate the NAA's Manhattan office in the Global News Network block. Find Ms Taks and persuade her that her loyalties lie with us.

The centre's security is extremely tight. It may be impossible to force entry to it. I will attempt to track the UTOPIA ident signals of the centre's staff to see if any of them leave the centre for any reason. All personnel have codegraft passes, so you will have to persuade one of them to accompany you through the security barriers. Beware of attracting the attentions of local police units who are on heightened alert status.



5000cr: Police have upgraded their vault-breach respons teams recently.



The bank in this mission contains 700,000 credits, and has a strong police presence and response.


There are several agents in this mission, one protecting Taks and the rest hiding to ambush you by the executive.

The Mission

Need: 3xLR Rifle, 1xPersaudertron

Observe the map: A multilevel map with many threats and two long road ramps leading up to elevated areas of the city. Not far from IML Link is a small building containing five guards. The northeastern section has the mission objectives and a road vehicle (small green APC) and a shifty looking civilian standing near an overhead sign. A small compound with two road vehicles containing guards. The central part has two large flying APCs with guards inside. A temple with patrolling Zealots (Electron Mace). An elevated section with mission objective and Police. A bank is in the southwestern part protected by five Police (Pulse Laser).

Initial Welcome: Group your agents and move out onto the road. Walk back in to this fenced area and kill the five guards (Pulse Laser and LR Rifle) which approach. Quickly grab the LR Rifle and concentrate fire onto the flying vehicle (large green APC) when it soon appears. Destroy the vehicle with the three guards (Pulse Laser and Minigun) but be careful of it falling on a building and bringing it down.

Taxi Service: Walk out of the fenced IML Link area and turn to the west. Go to the flat section here but stand next to the fence. A flying taxi should land near the "Gokuraku" overhead sign west of your position. Four guards (Pulse Laser) should attack with the fifth guard (Pulse Laser and High Exposive) remaining inside the vehicle. Destroy the vehicle and try to get the bomb.

Rushing to die: Approach the executives slowly and as your squad gets close a rush of guards (Pulse Laser) and enemy agents (Pulse Laser and High Explosive) will trigger at the twelfth carpark space from the IML Link. Kill the agents first and the bombs should kill many guards. Grab any High Explosives then clean up the stragglers. Observe the civilian standing across the road from the available vehicle. Kill this civilian (do not persuade) and get the High Explosive and new item. Once there are no threats the immediate area, persuade the executives to get information. They can die now.

Ion damage: Stand your squad outside of the small compound with the two vehicles (small green APC) containing guards (four guards each, all with Minigun) and shoot to destroy vehicles passing by so that it destroys the gate. When the gate explodes it should destroy the two vehicles from electrical damage. If they do not blow up, do not enter this compound since the guards will rush, but shoot from long range to destroy the vehicles. Note: persuade some civilians to pick up all the guns laying about to quickly destroy vehicles as they move past the gate.

Preemptive strike: Take the vehicle parked near the executives and drive up to the central elevated section with the single large flying vehicle containing three guards (Minigun and Pulse Laser). Destroy it with LR Rifles. If you don't it will activiate when you take the mission objective.

Zealot bad day: Approach the temple and gun down Zealots. They are weak and only take one rifle hit. Leave the weapons for now.

Clearout the top: Persuade about 100 civilians and collect weapons laying about. Drive up to the elevated platform with the Police (Minigun) and mission target. Blue drug three agents and equip the persuadertron on the fourth (your active agent) and park at the end on the entrance road. Do not turn the corner since there is an Ion Mine on the road and it will destroy your vehicle. Jump out with four agents and kill all the Police (Minigun) which you did not persuade and rush the lone enemy agent (Pulse Laser). Destroy the flying vehicle with four guards (Pulse Laser). Steal the flying car (Police vehicle) and go park it near the exploded taxi.

Withdrawal: When persuading many civilians and it is possible some will be stuck inside buildings and ramps. Group three agents inside a building and go blow up the bank only with the fourth. Place one High Explosive on the top of the middle steps and run away to your squad. The Police (Pulse Lasers) appear with four flying vehicles and nine ground troopers. They will attack enmasse. If any civilians are stuck anywhere then it is possible that the Police will be occupied with these 'threats'. Kill and destroy whatever is a direct threat then go kill off any available ones. Collect the money and return to the flying Police car.

Grab the target: The large ground turrets will be active but the only one posing a threat is the unfenced one near the gate. Land your agents near the mission objective and grab her. Fly off towards the evacuation point.

End Mission: Take all the weapons your squad can carry back to base for credits. Make sure you have the Clone Shield.

New: 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 4xDisruptor, +4xHigh Explosive, 1xLR Rifle, 1xClone Shield, 1xAgent (Pulse Laser, Body+Arm+Legs Version2, Brain Version3), Money.

Alternatives: The two road APCs at the ground level compound with the eight guards can be ignored since they don't do anything. Persuade the enemy agents: Before triggering the swarm at the first mission objective, persuade civilians. Wait inside the fence at the IML Link without drug enhancement or weapons drawn. Use one agent to start the swarm and run back and join your squad. Since the enemy agents (3xPulse Laser, 3xHigh Explosive, Body+Arm+Legs Version1, Brain Version2) walk faster than the guards, they will arrive first at your location and become easy to persuade. Just kill the guards afterwards with manual fire and with help from your brainless bunch. It is possible to persuade all the Police at the second mission objective since this will make it easier to deal with the Police from the bank raid from assisted fire. Razor Wire across the fenceline entrance to the IML Link will kill off alot of the Police rush after the bank is leveled if you hide under the IML Link building and they are not occupied with killing your brainless bunch.

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