The Hive

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The Hive
Location Nuuk
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Missing Link
Next mission Duplicity

The Hive In The Architecture is the second part of the thirteenth EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Nuuk.


Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Reykjavik: Find out what happened to the C3 project. Activate the IML link to Nuuk.

Nuuk: Conduct a full sweep of the city.

Congratulations on achieving your latest objectives, [Player].

It is imperative that your agents take immediate advantage of access to the trans-polar IML. Send your team to Reykjavik to investigate the C3 research site in Reykjavik. It is difficult to advise you what sort of presence you might expect to find there but, given the sensitive nature of the site, your agents should be on maximum alert. Recover evidence of the status of the C3 programme.

Additional: Since CHIP downtime began, Nuuk has remained completely sealed off from the outside world. There have been reports of Cult activity around the city's outer perimeter but nothing has reached us from inside the city itself. Nuuk is directly connected to Reykjavik via IML. The link may still be open from Reykjavik. When you have completed the Reykjavik stage of your mission, find and, if necessary, activate the Nuuk IML link. Proceed to Nuuk and investigate the situation there.

Remain vigilant!


The Mission

Need: 4xLR Rifle, 4xLauncher

Don't move or equip weapons.

Observe the map: Either side where you start has flying cars, the symmetrical mapscape is infested with Zealots with Electron Mace and Disruptors, two enemy flying cars, two spiders, and an inaccessable mountain range surrounding the place.

Flying and guards: Just walk your agents to one flying car and take off towards the mountain range. Change to Blue drug enhancement for all and then fly back towards the two guards next to the chainlink fence at a distance where you can hit them with out hitting the fence or they cannot reach you with Electron mace. Shoot them with two hits each from the LR Rifle (you need to either change selection of your highlighted agent so they can shoot from drug enhancement or you may manually shoot enemies) and get ready to fly off if they approach your vehicle.

Enemy flying: Two flying Zealot cars will attack if you fly around the mountain range so destroy them both just by flying past to attract their attention. LR Rifle, then Launcher then LR Rifle again. Avoid the crashing vehicle with your own vehicle since it may sometimes zap your vehicle like a very weak Ion Mine if you are too close to the destruction.

Enemy walking: Hit and run. This is quite easy to do if your keep moving to stay out of range of their Electron Mace. Most Zealots will take two LR Rifle hits, so just fly close to them (except the Zealots near the Spiders) and allow your Blue drugged agents to fire. If many are chasing, just escape to the mountain range and snipe from there.

Enemy mechs: If the flying car is not heavily damaged that you need the second vehicle, fly off towards the mountain range near the spiders then fly along the top until your are in range of the spiders. Just shoot away until all are dead.

End mission: Nothing of interest. Take the Electron Mace and Disruptors to sell. The two Zealots at the start near the chainlink fence are labeled as Militia in the mission summary.

Alternatives: Nuclear Grenades could be used for Zealots inside the buildings by destroying the structure on top of them but many survive this so its a waste of money. The group standing near the spiders might benefit from a grenade or two.

New: 4xElectron Mace, 4xDisruptors

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