The Milk Run (1993)

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The Milk Run
Location Scandinavia
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission Mercenary Camp
Next mission Urban Assault

The Milk Run is the second mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Scandinavia.


The Milk Run.

Personnel aquisition.

Two notable scientists are both staying in a small hamlet close to one of our research complexes. They would obviously be a great help to our R and D boys.

Your squad has instructions to <persuade> both the scientists to join our reputable organisation.

City update:

There is a sewer system that runs from the research complex to the river and it has inlets in the hamlet itself. Your squad will be transported by sewer raft to a drop off point in the town itself. The sewers are very dangerous however and without the proper equipment it is inadvisable to enter them.

Defence update:

There is a very small police presence in the town that should provide no problem at all. One of the scientists however has brought along a bodyguard. These have to be eliminated carefully so as to not damage the target.


Small arms are all that is really necessary for this mission. Do not use shotguns for dealing with the bodyguards or anyone who happens to be close to the target. Only one agent is required although you may want to take in another as backup.


This mission is very simple and serves as an introduction to the game, and all you need to do is kill two people. The pistols your agents are already equipped with are more than enough firepower, so don't worry about buying additional weapons beforehand. Just follow the blips on your radar to find the targets and shoot them. To make sure your shots are as fast as possible you can enable panic mode by clicking both mouse buttons simutaneously, which pumps your agents full of drugs to maximise their reflexes. Panic mode doesn't last forever, but it also increases your agent's walking speed so you'll have enough time to kill everyone on the map before it runs out.

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