Urban Assault

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Urban Assault
Location Central Europe
Syndicate campaign
Previous mission The Milk Run
Next mission Raiders

Urban Assault is the third mission in Syndicate, and takes place in Central Europe.


Urban Assault.

Combat sweep.

A small town is holding out against all our advertising campaigns thanks to enemy syndicate influence. This is having a detrimental effect on our profits and so we have decided to step up the campaign.

An assault squad should enter the town and eliminate all enemy syndicate activity in the area. This will leave the town open for our marketing boys.

City update:

The town is very small and the main entrance is only accessable by vehicle. The transport division has provided a ground car for this mission. Please try to bring it back.

Defence update:

There is little or no police influence in the town and the enemy syndicate forces are seriously under strength. Now is the ideal time to strike.


A well equipped squad should have no problems with this one. Stick together and the enemy squad should fall before you. Shotguns and a few medikits just in case are all that is really needed.

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