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Notes on this template

Its a guide not a rule! ...don't want to appear like an aspie, but I want to print this stuff out so I want to make it uniform at least.

  • weapons are used as titled, whenever mentioned anywhere, eg:
High Explosive
Cerberus IFF
Psycho Gas
LR Rifle

  • no spaces between quantity and weapon/item
correct: 3xElectron Mace
correct: 5xAgent
wrong: 3 x Electron Mace
wrong: 5x Agent

  • a plus sign goes before items which could be multiples (typically High Explosives or Knockout Gas and others) unless you persuaded an enemy agent and they were carrying it back at base. The quantity should be the minimum number which you individually picked up.
correct: +5xHigh Explosive
wrong: 5xHigh Explosive

  • enemy agents persuaded have got their cyber mods mentioned in "New" section only. Never within the mission text since it is about tactics and methods, not fine details.

  • some names used (trying to make it uniform later):
guards or Guards
enemy agent
Unguided or feral or <colour> hair
Scientist or Technician
your squad, your agents
flying vehicle or flying car or Zealot vehicle or large green APC
road vehicle or road car or Zealot car or small green APC

  • money should be comma seperated.
correct: 100,000cr
wrong: 100000cr


<mission name BOLD> is the <nth> mission of <side playing BOLD>. It takes place in <global location BOLD>.


<mission name BOLD> is part <nth> of a <nth> part mission of <side playing BOLD>. It takes place in <global location BOLD>.

!== Ref:## ##/## 74NC Brief ==

<insert actual game text here>

!==== Netscan ====

no further information


!##,###cr: <insert actual game text here>

!##,###cr: <insert actual game text here if available>

!##,###cr: <insert actual game text here if available>

!=== Guide ===

<insert short blurb here about difficulty according to a noobish/experienced player>

<insert short blurb on overall mission objective different than actual game text like money or agent availability>

!==== The Mission ====

Need: #x<weapon>, #x<item>

<immediate mission instruction goes here but only if needed>

Observe the map: <concise descriptions of points of interest or trooper types without weapon description>.

<creative blurb on what to do>: <basic tactics and description of features of cityscape or trooper type ( <weapon type goes here> ) or vehicle type ( <colour or type goes here> ) and what to do goes here>

<creative blurb on what to do if needed>: more

<creative blurb on what to do if needed>: of

<creative blurb on what to do if needed>: same

<creative blurb on what to do>: again <insert text about moving/flying/walkin/running to exit and evacuate if needed>

Epidermis: <concise reminder to how to find and pick up only if needed> Epidermis Level #.

End Mission: <text here reminding to pick unique stuff up or general sellable things>

Alternatives: <semi-concise text here about obviously different ways to do mission>

New: #x<weapon>, #x<item>, +#x<minimum possible dropped/planted items>, #x<unique items>, #xAgent (#xweapon, #xitem, (see text below), Epidermis, Money.

New agent descriptions:

In order of like this: Body, Brain, Arm, Leg. If cyber mods are at the same level, seperate with a "+" sign.

  • #xAgent (Body Version#)
this agent has only one cyber mod which can only be Body
  • #xAgent (<Mod>+<Mod> Version#, <Mod> Version#)
this agent has multiple cyber mods, two being same level and one mod being a different level.
  • #xAgent (<Mod>+<Mod>+<Mod> Version#)
this agent has multiple cyber mods, three being same level.
  • #xAgent (all cyber mods Version#)
this agent has all four cyber mods and all are at the same level.
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