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Syndicate Forum

Hi, interested in partnering up? I own a Syndicate fansite: Let me know. Thanks. SyndicateForum 19:47, 16 November 2011 (GMT)

To be honest, it's too bare at the moment to be of any benefit to the wiki. Perhaps when you have more content I shall reconsider. Peltarius.png Peltarius 19:52, 16 November 2011 (GMT)


Thankyou for the welcome. I am a wiki-noob at it all so the pages I've added to are a little rough but as long as I can get the info out of my head and somewhere which others may find useful first. I'll try to keep it concise and relevant like (another place I frequent) so I'm still learning. I will think of some sort of template to use for the mission pages so all look similiar in format and I'll eventually fill out the missing mission pages for the later Eurocorp and Epoch pages. I recently found the syndicate port and I'm running it on perfectly on 6year old XP machine. Having a pleasant nostalgia trip! Also thankyou for enabling the empty pages to be able to be edited. Regards FLA

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