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Location Adelaide
Syndicate Wars EuroCorp campaign
Previous mission Taken To Taks
Next mission Missing Link

Walkabout is the fourth part of the eleventh EuroCorp mission in Syndicate Wars, and takes place in Adelaide.



Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Adelaide: Scientists traced.

Profound greetings.

London AI has been psych-profiling the message content of an increasing number of subversive broadcasts from Ko-Paull Vissick. His seminal message, sent on an open channel, clearly incited the Unguided to rise up, not only againstthe Syndicate, but also the Church of the New Epoch. Unfortunately, Vissick's invective was littered with prophecies of doom, indicating that his current state of mind is far from stable. He claimed, for example, that the Church of the New Epoch would bring about nothing less than Armageddon. I can only speculate as to how they're supposed to initiate global destruction.

Vissick's last assignment was so highly classified - and UTOPIA has been so desolated by the Harbinger virus - that information on the nature of his mission is sketchy. However, we know that he was working as part of a team of top researchers from Gel Data and The Hexagon Corporation on a project in Iceland. Jennifer Taks has given us the locations of Gel Data and Hexagon scientists in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Adelaide. Seek out and persuade these scientists at your discretion.

Good luck, [Player].




There is one scientist in this mission, the mission target.

The Mission

Need: 1xLR Rifle, 1xPersuadertron

Don't move or equip weapons otherwise you will be shot with LR Rifles. Do not equip Clone Shields (if you have them) otherwise you lose two or more High Explosives.

Observe the map: Alot of things happening. Three Unguided are waiting for you just outside and can kill you. Lone Unguided are moving about the city. Unguided are standing near some buildings waiting for something. Guards (pink indentikeys) are patrolling and are massed in the centre fortress. There is an unattended flying car in a lightly defended guard base. Various carparks withcivilians which leave their cars for a short time. Zealots with the mission objective are protecting their buildings. Two Zealot flying cars are patrolling the perimeters. Police presence is moderate with flying cars, cars and a truck which the Police get out and patrol with every cop armed with a Pulse Laser.

Shootin' Time: Without moving past the chainlink fence where you start, allow your agents to be attacked by equipping the LR Rifle and moving within the firing line. The Unguided standing just outside will approach and shoot your squad. If one of your agent loses alot of health, move a healthy agent closer to the three Unguided shooting you and make sure the unhealthy one is behind the healthy ones. Kill the Unguided only when they are inside the fenceline and take the LR Rifles as they drop. Don't move past the chainlink fence. Remove drugs so your squad can heal.

Stragglers: With all the shooting and killing that the cops have engaged in, all the Unguided patrolling the streets will now come your position. Change to Red drug and gun down the ferals as they approach. Do not move out past the fenceline to pick up the Miniguns. Zealots armed with Disruptors may sometimes approach your agents. They pose no threat currently but kill them anyway.

Bombs and ferals: There are four Unguided blue hairs which are standing near a circular road and some small buildings. There is also a Police flying car just hovering nearby. The two Unguided that are located closer to this flying car each place High Explosive as soon as you move past the chainlink fenceline. You want those bombs. Run out of your position towards the bomb placements and pick them up quickly. Note: if you are too slow you may need better cyber enchancments for your agents. Change to Red drug and gun down any threats making sure to get the other High Explosives from the two blue hair Unguided when they die. It may help to run away so to not get overwhelmed with Unguided and Police. Note: use all agents to get the High Explosives since multiple bombs may be dropped on the one placement. It is not uncommon to pick up 14 bombs when only four were dropped.

Flying transport: Take any vehicle without approaching the Zealot compound and drive into the base with the pink guards and flying car. Guards will immediately come out and try to get inside the flying car. Kill them before they do otherwise you lose that car. You can leave that car for now or just park it somewhere outside of the base away from the Zealots.

Zealots: Approaching the Zealots will cause the flying cars to attack you. Use LR Rifles to hit first then swap to Pulse Lasers then back to rifles to down them. Avoid the falling vehicle. Note: to hit the flying vehicles at extreme range, stand no closer than four pavement tiles away from the road running along the front gate of the fortress section. A few of the patrolling Zealots have LR Rifles so kill these first if possible. The others will walk, but will swarm your agents by using Electron Mace. This may be deadly if you haven't destroyed the two flying vehicles already. Ignore the mission objective for now.

Fortress: Use the flying car and hover at a range which your Blue drugged agents kill all the guards. They carry a Pulse Laser.

Scientist: Just persuade him and make your way to the exit. Be careful of fires or roaming threats.

End Mission: Since funds back at base should be in the millions it might be pointless to acquire weapons to sell. Pulse Lasers and Electron Mace at better than Miniguns and Disruptors for cash if running out of room.

Alternatives: At mission start, just run out and grab the High Explosives ignoring everything else including getting shot at. Fight back only when you get them. You can instead ignore the High Explosives for makiing money since your game credits, you should be in the millions. The fortress and guard base can be ignored since they don't do anything except fight back when shot at. The only reason to get the flying car is to kill the guards at the fortress inner courtyard since you cannot reach them any other way.

New: 3xLR Rifle, 4xMinigun, 4xPulse Laser, 4xElectron Mace, 4xDisruptor, +4xHigh Explosive.

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